ARC Review: Sweet by Erin McCarthy

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ARC Review: Sweet by Erin McCarthy
Book Info

Released: October 15, 2013
Genre: New Adult
Series: True Believers #2
Pages: 257

“Riley’s sweet side was too much to resist.” ~Under the Covers

I enjoyed the first book in this series, especially for it being a sweet-ish sort of new adult.  I wasn’t expecting that much from this one though.  I went in thinking this had all the gooey sweet appeal I find with most new adult books.  Not so much my cup of tea.

But imagine my surprise when I ended up really enjoying it!  It’s not what I would normally go for but Erin McCarthy sells this story to me.  There was no way not to enjoy reading about Jessica and Riley.

They are polar opposites and sort of the unlikely couple.  Riley is Tyler’s brother and Jessica is Rory’s best friend (from book 1).  Jessica’s last name is Sweet and she might be that but she’s also rebelling against the mold her family has put her in.  Growing up in the church, from an early age she’s been molded to follow in her parents footsteps.  Her whole life planned ahead for her, from her career choice to the fact she has to marry a member of the congregation.

While away at college, she’s been rebelling a bit.  Yes, having sex has been one of those things.  Not going home for the summer is another.  And lying to her parents in order to do it.  But the lying part puts her in need of a place to stay and that’s where Riley steps in.  He lets Jessica move in with him while the rest of his brothers are away.

Riley is the oldest and the responsible one in the family.  They’ve had their issues with bad parents and he’s taken on the role of the one supporting the family, the one making sure everyone else is doing ok.  That protective and too damn responsible Riley is full of control because he needs it to be that way.  Not a lot of friends, no serious girlfriend.  But just when I thought he would be all for some fun with Jessica, he totally surprises me.

Riley was key in helping Jessica see value in herself.  He treats her better than she treats herself at times and my heart couldn’t help but melt.  Even when I would’ve preferred they were going at it like rabbits.  Riley’s sweet side was too much to resist.  And then there’s out of control Riley which blew away my expectations.

I loved seeing these two together, helping each other with the things they needed to work on to be the best they could both be.  Being supportive of each other.  They’re both what the other needed without even knowing it.

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