Hazelwood’s writing is very witty, funny, and cute.


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Stuck with You starts off with Sadie being stuck on an elevator during a power outage. What’s worse than that? She is stuck with the person she hates more than anyone else- Erik Novak. Erik and Sadie had one perfect, steamy night together three weeks prior. But then Sadie finds out that he betrayed her in the worst possible way. Will being stuck together in the elevator help them speak for the first time in weeks, or does it just twist the knife further in Sadie’s back?

If you loved The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood, you absolutely need to read Stuck With You. Hazelwood writes the most incredible STEM romance novella in Stuck With You. Between the extremely hot sex scene between Erik and Sadie and the character growth experienced in such a short amount of space, this novella was fantastic. This book alternates between the present – being stuck in the elevator – and three weeks ago, up until the present.

Both Sadie and Erik are very loveable characters. They are both engineers who have a love for football (soccer). As a woman in STEM who loves sports, I really connected with Sadie. She does have communication issues (that she recognizes wholeheartedly), but she is really loveable. Erik is described as a Viking, which just made him even more dreamy.

I’m not usually a fan of insta-love, but Hazelwood made me LOVE it in this case. I think because it flip flopped between points in time the trope was less noticeable and more well done. Hazelwood’s writing is very witty, funny, and cute. It feels like her characters are people from real life, which I absolutely love.

If you are not a fan of the miscommunication trope and insta-love, I would recommend skipping this one. If you’re somewhere in the middle where you don’t love or hate it, give this one a try. Hazelwood does it differently than most, and I thought it really paid off in the end.

This book is perfect for fans of STEM romance: The Love Hypothesis, The Kiss Quotient, The Heart Principle, and The Soulmate Equation. I would absolutely read another of Hazelwood’s books, and her novellas.

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