…Ms. Alexander had given us a bitter sweet ending making Shapeshifted by far the best of this series.” ~Under the Covers Book Blog

Shapeshifted takes off about 6months after Nightshifted had ended. Edie now has tried to live a “normal” life, shunned from any paranormal connections. With her memories in tact, she is finding it hard not to think about her friends. Needless to say, Edie has been trying her best to live despite her sadness. Unfortunately, life will throw Edie a curb ball and her mom’s health will have her seek for vampire blood.

Edie Spence just can’t get a break. She has one broken heart after the next, from her brother, her zombie ex-boyfriend, shunned from the supernatural world and now her mom. The first half of the book just had me in tears. Seeing Edie go through the motions of finding out her mom is sick and wanting to fix the problem. It is so like her to take care of everyone to the point of risking her life…She is a nurse through and through.

Despite her heartaches, I am happy with the turn of events in this book. First, it seem like Edie may have found a job she enjoys. It allows her to work with both humans and paranormals. Not that she wasn’t passionate about her previous jobs but this time she has grown to know what exactly what she wants. Her job is not without problems as I said, trouble follows her everywhere. This job will include involvement with the local gangs, which eventually will lead her back to the world of paranormals. Oh and wait until you meet the new Doctor she works with.

Next, Edie’s ex-boyfriend comes back in the picture which I’m not happy about. I am proud of our Edie as she did not jump at the chance to be with him. She will take the time to think on her relationship or lack of and decide confidently. Funny thing is, sometimes, love can be right under your nose and you would miss it if you’re not looking. She will make a decision and will have romance back in her life. The man she picks has always been there for her as a friend, lover, and protector. I think right from the start, he already loved her. And with that said, I would like to thank Ms Alexander for leading Edie to the right path to get some happy-ever-after. She truly deserves someone who can love her wholeheartedly. Plus, this guys are a lot sexier than the dead guy(pun).

A secondary character I wanted to mention is Edie’s young friend Olympio. He is the grandson of a local healer who seemed to be worth nothing more than just a thug. As with everything in this book, nothing is as it seems and Olympio turned out to be something a lot more than just street kid. The ending threw me off. I did not expect certain scenes to play out to the point of rereading the page over just to make sure that it actually happened. I can tell you this…a character will leave Edie Spence Series for good *covering mouth*, and that is all I’m saying. Yup, Ms. Alexander had given us a bitter sweet ending making Shapeshifted by far the best of this series.

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    1. I’m not a big Zombie fan myself, Lori. But it’s not that type of book. This series is more Shifter/vamps with a hind of Zombie. Have you read Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost? in that series there is a hint of zombie but it’s really a vampire world. This is similar to that. ~Ang