“Both sweet and sexy, Jessica Sorensen has a book to suit every reader.” ~ Under the Covers

For some strange reason, I haven’t been keeping up to date with Jessica Sorensen’s most recent releases. However, I thought I’d go back with RUIN ME. In this book, Sorensen reminds me why I enjoy her books so much. While not as heartbreaking and angsty as her other books, Sorensen does give both Jax and Clara a set of bad parents.

Both are working on bettering themselves and their lives. However, their old life always seems to prevent them from moving on. When Jax’s mother calls with a startling plea for help, Jax has no choice but to return home to get her out of trouble. Similarly, Clara has some unfinished business involving his father and his death that needs to happen before she can find closure. What starts out as a casual relationship soon turns into one of trust, passion and love.

I really love this story because Sorensen makes the romance the main feature. While Jax and Clara’s past do present their own conflicts, the emotional journey between the hero and heroine is what stands out to me the most. Sorensen has his ability to create light and darkness in her writing. When Jax and Clara are together, there’s sexual tension, easy banter, teasing and flirting. It’s a time once a week where they can forget about their troubles and enjoy each other’s company. In contrast, Sorensen adds darkness, that bit of angst that flavors the story more.

I flew through RUIN ME, enjoying every moment of it. Both sweet and sexy, Jessica Sorensen has a book to suit every reader.

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