“Every time I read one of these books, I actually don’t read….I devour.” ~Under the Covers

Every time I read one of these books, I actually don’t read….I devour.  The Six Pack Ranch is sweet and sexy and it has quickly become one of my favorite cowboy series!  I love it more and more with every book and glimpse of this big family.

Joel is one of the twins.  Yes, those twins.  The bad boys, womanizers who liked to share.  But Joel wants more out of life and wants to break of that reputation and lifestyle.  Vicki is not exactly the right way to do it.  She’s one of the Hansol girls and they have a reputation for being easy.

Vicki is not like her sisters, but she’s spunky and a bit wild.  She’s lived with the shadow of her family’s reputation for too long and now just wants out of the area.  But to do that she may need to get over her fear of horses.

She enlists Joel’s help with that and while they make the rules of that arrangement they decide to pretend to be a couple.  See Vicki is a virgin and wants to get rid of that while experiencing some passion she’s never had.  Joel wants to show the town he can go steady with one girl without his brother.

I wasn’t too crazy about the repeat theme of the pretend girlfriend but Ms. Arend made it work in a completely different way.  These two went into knowing they would end up in bed together but took their time getting there.  They got to know each other and clicked right away.

It was sweet and believable to see them falling in love.  I might’ve fallen in love with Joel a bit myself.  But I also loved Vicki.  She’s strong and determined and not afraid to say what she means and go for what she wants.

Another superb winner from Ms. Arend that left me sighing from happiness and anxious for more!

*ARC provided by publisher

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