“Thea Harrison yet again takes her readers on a new adventure.” ~ Under the Covers

Thea Harrison yet again takes her readers on a new adventure. In this Novella, readers are reminded who Dragos and Pia are. As they continue their move away from the city, an unfortunate incident occurs. Dragos gets amnesia and forgets everyone who are important in his life, Pia and Peanut included. Just like in the beginning, Pia will have to bring out everything she has to win her man back. Ms. Harrison really does remind you of who Dragos and Pia are and why you loved them so much.  For me, it was Pia’s smart and cunning ways. The way she affects Dragos is just romantic. And as far as Dragos, well, if you think you know him, then you’re in for a surprise. He’s not the refined yet fierce Dragon Ruler that you’ve come to know. Nope, this Dragos is at his primal state. It was really different to see him this way. I’m used to him knowing everything and never blind sighted. However, in this novella, he seemed unsure of himself.  But as any Dragos fan,  he will still melt your heart in any state. This Amnesia definitely takes a toll on their relationship, but there’s no doubt that Pia will Save the Day. There is an HEA in this short story, but there seems to be some uncertainties. With Dragos not fully recovered, how will he continue to rule or will he regain all his memory in the next novella? Perhaps, it’s a set up for Night’s Honor which is the next full length novel in this series. Of course, that remains to be seen…read for that matter. I’m sure Ms. Harrison has a big plan for this favorite couple of the Elder Race, so hold on to your seats Pia and Dragos fan, they are not in the clear just yet. *ARC provided by author

Dragon-BoundBook 1 stormsheartusBook 2 Serpent's-KissBook 3 True-ColorsBook 3.5
Oracle's-MoonBook 4 Natural-EvilBook 4.5 Devil's-GateBook 4.6 Hunter's-SeasonBook 4.7
Lord's-FallBook 5 The-WickedBook 5.5 kinkedBook 6 Dragos takes a HolidayBook 6.5

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