“Hunting has quickly become one of my must-read authors.” ~ Under the Covers

CRACKS IN THE ARMOR focuses on Chris and Sarah once again. It begins right after Inked Armor where Tenley and Hayden have just resolved a lot of their issues. However, things are just beginning for Chris and Sarah.

As Sarah continues to work at The Dollhouse as a waitress, she knows that once her internship starts, she will be getting a lot less sleep than she already does. Chris, on the other hand, is trying to deal with the fact that he now has Sarah in his life. Since the story is so short, it doesn’t offer much in terms of plot. It feels more like a slice of life where we get perspectives on both characters.

When going into this book, I thought that the first free short, Between the Cracks with Sarah and Chris would be the end of the short novellas. But this one turned out to be just as short as well. I was expecting a full length and was kind of disappointed that we didn’t get that with this book.

However, when you take into consideration Hunting’s writing as well as her ability to evoke emotion with such little words, I still think that this novella is worth the read. Hunting has quickly become one of my must-read authors.

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cupcakesBook 0.5 clipped wingsBook 1 between the cracksBook 1.5
inkedBook 2 cracks in the armorBook 2.5

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  1. I just got Clipped Wings on audio but had no idea there were some novellas in between the full length novels. Like you Annie, I’m not a huge fan of a ton of short stories in a series but am glad to hear it was still enjoyable. Do you recommend starting with the prequel?

    1. I read the prequel after the first book in the series and thought it was more like an extra for me since a lot of what occurs in the prequel gets further explored in the first book. But I will undoubtedly say that I cannot get enough of this series so if you’re like me, all of the short stories are worth the read!

  2. Thanks for the review, I want to read this series but since it’s a new to me author and high $$ I’ll be checking out from the library in print since Simon and Schuster don’t do digital lending for libraries (the big meanies).