“Looking for a dirty talking alpha male hero? Look no further because Clay Nichols is your man” ~ Under the Covers

Looking for a dirty talking alpha male hero? Look no further because Clay Nichols is your man. He’s the type of guy that gives as good as he gets.

While NIGHT AFTER NIGHT is the first full length novel in the Seductive Nights series, there is also a freebie prequel that gives a taste of what you can expect. Because of its short length, it doesn’t give too much in terms of plot but it gives a quick introduction to the characters.

The first thing I noticed about this book is that Clay and Julia are no strangers to letting the other person know what they want. They are sexual beings and a lot of the sexiness in this book stems from the fact that they see sex as liberation. It’s freeing and untainted and they revel in it.

As you can expect, there’s a case of instalove – or maybe it’s just instalust – but Blakely doesn’t waste any time with the sexual tension. As Clay and Julia fall deeper in love, I felt that there was a great emphasis on their romance. There are not a lot of external factors or unnecessary drama. While that is all great, I did get a little bored towards the middle when nothing seemed to be developing.

Blakely does place an emphasis on conversation between Clay and Julia and that I have to respect. I have when a conflict arises and all it is is miscommunication between characters. That doesn’t happen here.

I still haven’t decided if I will be continuing the series or not. Perhaps if I’m in the mood for some more dirty talk, I’ll return for more.

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