“THE BARON NEXT DOOR is a pitch-perfect blend of comedy and sweetness. ” ~ Under the Covers

Erin Knightley kicks off a brand new series called Prelude to a Kiss with THE BARON NEXT DOOR.

Much like Knightley’s other books, readers can expect the same quirky and upbeat dialogue found in her characters as Charity and Hugh irritate one another as much as they can.  Charity has had a difficult time this Season. However, she finds a welcome distraction in the Bath’s first annual music festival. As a skilled pianoforte player and music maniac, Charity cannot be more excited for this.

Yet her next door neighbour, the Baron Cadgwith wishes for nothing more than to stop her racket as he tries to relax. But there is something he finds intriguing about Charity and this spurs a sweet romance that readers will enjoy.

More on the sweet than sexy side, Knightley really displays her talent as a writer as she weaves what starts off as an unlikely romance into a solid story. That being said, the sexy times are downplayed a little bit, but that didn’t bother me very much because I think Knightley brings other things to the story in its place.

With its emphasis on music, Charity showcases her passion and it creates for a much more likeable and relatable character. Hugh starts off as a gruff, mean bastard, but then Charity coaxes a softer side of him that I think readers will find endearing. THE BARON NEXT DOOR is a pitch-perfect blend of comedy and sweetness.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I have loved all of Erin’s books so far. I just picked this one up & look forward to reading it!