“NAUTIER AND WILDER is action packed, full of suspense but chocked full of HEAT.” ~Under the Covers

This was such a highly anticipated anthology for me…I’ve waited YEARS!!!!  YEARS!!!!! At the time, I was not ready to let go of either of these series.  And of course, these two awesome ladies didn’t disappoint.  NAUTIER AND WILDER is action packed, full of suspense but chocked full of HEAT.

Nauti Siren by Lora Leigh

This actually felt like a novella in the Nauti Girls series, even though it’s listed as a Nauti story.  Piper McKay is one of the long lost MacKay sisters that resurfaced in NAUTI TEMPTRESS.  Piper has taken up Eve’s room at the B&B, even though there’s an undeniable attraction between her and long term resident at the B&B, Jed Booker.  What she doesn’t know is Jed is not what he seems but an undercover agent.  Meanwhile, Piper gets an opportunity to escape to NY to maybe showcase her fashion designs when things turn sour and she ends up finding trouble.

NAUTI SIREN was a lot more enjoyable to me than NAUTI TEMPTRESS.  Piper was likeable, Jed was hot, the story had some meat to it and the sex was off the charts HOT!  Really…it’s more like classic Lora Leigh that I’ve known and loved!  And for that I’m happy.  I cannot wait now for the next Nauti Girls book.

Riding to Sunset by Jaci Burton

This was the story I didn’t know I was missing to the WILD RIDERS series.  And I mean that because I was happy with how Ms. Burton ended things in the last book in the series.  But this ties it all with a nicer bow.  I can’t say this was the strongest story of the series, but it gives us the final chapter on how the Wild Riders are now definitely going to move on and maybe get new members because General Grange Lee is now retiring and along with that, the members will probably follow suit.

In this story, it’s all about the General.  He has a sister he’s kept hidden to protect her, and she’s been kidnapped.  He now suspects his niece, Elena, will be the next target and he sends the rookie of the team, Jed Templeton, to get close to her and protect her.  Of course, he wasn’t counting on Jed falling in love in the process.

This story had just a little bit less heat than Lora Leigh’s but it was still very sexy, but also the resolution of the problem and who was after the General was a nice twist.  The ending itself and how easy they got rid of the bad guy was sort of anti-climactic but overall, I enjoyed the story a lot.

I think this was the perfect hook into getting back to the Nauti Girls and the perfect way to let go of the Wild Riders.  Although I can secretly harbor hope that there will be a whole new breed of Wild Riders to be formed now that these guys are done….Maybe?  Although both stories are part of a series, I think they would both work well as standalones.  After all, it was the original NAUTI AND WILD that introduced me to Jaci Burton, so it holds a special place in my heart.

*ARC provided by publisher

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