“This was a really beautiful book, it had a magic touch…”
~ Under the Covers

Meet Meg Mackworth. Her hand lettering skills have earned her the moniker the Planner of Park Slope. But she also has another skill  that no one knows about: signs. She notices things other people don’t, whether it’s a forgotten but gorgeously rendered sign on the side of a building or the small signs that will make a new marriage a success…or not. The last time Meg saw Reid Sutherland was a year ago when he came in with his fiancée to go over their custom wedding stationary. And, maybe Meg did something she shouldn’t have; weave a secret message into their wedding program. But no one else would notice, right? Wrong. Reid is back and asking her uncomfortable questions…

I am an avid listener of podcasts and I have a particularly obsessive love for the Fated Mates series hosted by Sarah Maclean and Jen of Jen Reads Romance fame. These guys love Kate Clayborn, an author I have never read before and as our tastes seem to coincide in a lot of areas, I decided that meant I needed to pick up one of her books. And finally, I have! And it just reinforces my believe that I should never doubt Sarah and Jen, as I really enjoyed this book.

Did I ever think that I could fall in love with a book, which was comprised mostly of people walking around and looking at old signs? Okay, so yes I love Lord of the Rings, which, lets face it, is just men going for a long walk. But, who knew it could translate to the romance genre? This was a really beautiful book, it had a magic touch that gave it a whimsical joy, that still had undercurrents of genuine feeling and depth that swept you along with the story.

The romance between Meg and Reid was a real slow burn, and followed a friends to lovers kind of trajectory. But, it never felt slow. Instead their relationship seemed to just build up naturally as they spent time together, until it seemed falling in love was inevitable. However, although this is primarily a romance, I liked that this wasn’t the only aspect of Meg’s life it concentrated on. Meg’s friends and her career also have a place in her life, and this was shown really well, without it taking over the book.

This  may be my first book by Kate Clayborn, but it definitely isn’t going to be my last. It felt original, magical and romantic and I can’t wait to read more from her.


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  1. Great review! I received a copy from the publisher and am getting ready to read it now! Your review gives me more of a perspective on what to expect. Thank you!