How would you describe Kissin’ Tell in 3 words?

Fran: Sweet. And. Diiiiiiirtaaaaaay.Suz: Has Trampoline SexTell McKay…how does he compare with all the other McKay cowboys?Fran: I seem to have this problem everytime I read a Rough Riders book…Wanting to keep that particular McKay locked in my basement. But with Tell that actually means that he is closely vying for my favorite McKay spot. I have a thing for bad boys so Colt has always been a favorite of mine, then there’s Jack who actually isn’t a McKay, then Cord because holy hell he’s hawt. But Tell has woven his way in there and now my order and priorities is all screwed up from wanting to … ummmmm…. ok lets leave it at that. I loved him!

Suz: What I really like about the Rough Riders series is that each McKay is really different, the only thing they seem to have in common is their spectacular bedroom skills… must be in the McKay genes! And Tell was completely different from how I expected him to be, he had hidden depth. Although, he isn’t my favourite McKay, that special accolade goes to Cord, Kane and Kade I still really liked him, he was could be intense but know how to have fun and he had mad sex skills…I will never look at a trampoline again in the same way.

What did you think of Georgia? Was she worthy of lassoing a McKay male?

Fran: I personally love stories about the geeky guy having a crush on a popular girl and then years after high school they get together. So I started off liking her already because she was never the mean girl. That being said she was ok. She wasn’t a wimpy heroine but not too kick ass like I prefer them. But I actually think her personality worked with Tell very well.

Suz: I don’t know why…but I never felt like I got that close to Georgia. She seemed nice and I liked that she let Tell bring out the adventurous side in her but I didn’t feel any real connection to her like I have with LJ’s previous gals.

What did you think of the relationship between Tell and Georgia?

Fran: Talk about some hot chemistry! Between Tells prowess in the bedroom, creative and no-holds-barred imagination and Georgia’s open mind to trying anything, never saying no, going for what made her feel good and all her dirrrty talking…well they were amazing in the bedroom. But they actually complemented each other very well in their every day lives as well

Suz: They definitely had sizzling sexual chemistry! And more then that, I loved that they were able to be what the other needed, Georgia needed someone to help her let go and have fun, and Tell needed someone he didn’t have to be the joker with.

Overall, what did you think of this installment of the Rough Riders series?

Fran: It was amazing. Sweet and a little kinky, with lots of teenage fantasies fulfilled which were extremely hawt. Probably one of my favorite books in the Rough Riders series. Tell has the perfect balance between sweet man and take charge alpha male, with plenty of game to bring to the ummm table 😉 Definitely left me wanting more. And this book also left me wanting more Dalton. Yeah, like I said I have a thing for bad boys and when before he was pissing me off, now he’s drawing me in like a fly. But alas, have to get Gavin first, no that I’m complaining. I’m excited and sad at the same time to see this series come to an end. Job well done, Ms. James!

Suz: I liked it! It wasn’t my favourite, for some reason I didn’t feel the connection with the characters that I have in previous books. But I thought it was good. Tell was one hot cowboy and him and Georgia made a sweet couple. I am now looking forward to Gavin’s book, we haven’t seen much of him, but that only intrigues me more!

Fran’s Fave Quote 

Tell dipped up her chin. “You looked good then, but you look even better now.”
She said, “Oh really?” as if she didn’t believe him.
“Yep. Now I won’t worry that I’ll break you when I fuck you hard.”

Suz’s Fave Quote

“I think you broke me. I’m pretty sure I have trampoline burns on my knees and elbows.”
“At least you don’t have them on your balls,” he muttered.
UTC Quote!“Don’t be smug. Now get back under these covers and kiss my butt” *ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Great review!

    My top McKays have been Cord, Kade and Kane….now….Tell is a hairsbreadth ahead of them. I LOVED his hidden bad boy in the bedroom and every time he fisted her hair I got all tingly.

    Of course when I re read Cord, Kade and Kane’s books I will be back and forth about who is my favorite. Cord will always be right there at the top cause I love me some Cord =)

  2. Cinful1121, did you get it? Did you read it?

    Maria, you got so many good books today!

    Jenese, glad you love it too!

    DiDi, ahhh yes Cord is special, but I’m glad to see you agree about Tell. There’s something about him that’s a perfect blend!

    Don’t we all wish we could have them all, Taryn?

    Kathleen, that’s so exciting you are just now going through the series. Hope you keep loving it!

    Thanks Sophia and Timitra, hope you get to read this one as well!