“Grant continuously makes great strides in every book that I wonder how she is able to imagine this all.” ~ Under the Covers

Again with book four in the Dark Kings series, Donna Grant releases the books in four parts as a serial. However, you can wait after all the parts have been released to read the book in full. While I did receive the book by serial style, I read them all at once so for this review I’ll go about it differently than usual and talk about how it stands as a serial vs. whole book (because I think it’s a different experience).

HOT BLOODED is the story of Laith and Iona. When Iona’s father dies unexpectedly, officials realize it wasn’t an accident as previously suspected. He was been murdered. Everything from his accounts to the land gets thrown onto Iona however, she cannot sell the land as much as she wants to. Without Iona really knowing, other players are targeting her and that’s when she gets thrown into the Dark Kings world.

One of the things I like about this series is that it follows a story arc that continues to be compelling and fun. Grant continuously makes great strides in every book that I wonder how she is able to imagine this all. The world has become so developed that it could be real!

When reading the story in its separate parts, I thought that each part gave just enough to keep the reader entertained, but never enough to keep them satisfied for long. And that’s what makes the stories work as a serial; they make you want more.

The only thing that I didn’t like was actually something that I used to love about this series. As mentioned earlier, Grant likes to build on her series in every book. With that being the case, the characters have multiplied and in this book, Grant has multiple POVs from the hero and heroine, the bad guys and even some of the other Kings. I liked it, but when reading a serial, it can be too much in too little time that the hero and heroine of the book don’t seem to get enough page time in the tighter word count of each part. I imagine, however, that if you read it as a whole, it wouldn’t be so tiresome, but that was just my experience while reading it.


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  1. I totally get the multiple POV thing. I know Grant is trying to set up Reyes book, so I can kind of understand it. I had a hard time reading it in serial, even having all of them at once. Or maybe that was my problem since I couldn’t narrow down what happened in each. I’m still a bit confused on the other characters from Grant’s other series. I definitely think I need to pick it up and figure out the details on them all.