Things were definitely spicier than I was anticipating.


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All Reggie wanted to do was find a decent job, one that might not immediately fire her over her compulsive need to organize everything. So when she answers a job ad that seems too good to be true, Reggie has her reasons to be suspicious. Dru, her new employer, seems like a sweet old lady. But then Dru starts asking for weird things from the store, insisting she’s a witch. And Dru’s tall, dark, and grumpy nephew isn’t helping things. Despite everyone warning her away, Reggie finds herself drawn to Ben. And when Ben and Dru finally prove to Reggie that magic isn’t all make believe, Reggie’s life will never be the same. Curses, comas, and crystal balls aside, Go Hex Yourself is a funny (and incredibly steamy) take on witches and warlocks that will leave readers wanting more.

I was immediately and pleasantly surprised with this grumpy/sunshine romance. The overall plot contained magic, mystery, and danger; this was far from a lighthearted romance where everything is magically solved in the end and I enjoyed it even more for that reason.

Reggie ended up being such a fun character, even though she didn’t have the happiest of backstories. She was such a bright spot, especially around the dark cloud that was Ben. Both main characters were a perfect example of how people of similar backgrounds can forge their own paths and identities. While Reggie of course didn’t grow up around magic, she shared many other similarities with Ben: feelings of loneliness, feeling like an outcast, and growing up with poor examples of parenting. Ben and Reggie are definitely examples of two lonely people that you really want to see be less lonely together. Despite her horrible parents, Reggie did turn out to be the sunshine to brighten Ben’s grumpy lifestyle.

This is a great, opposites-attract romance if you just focus on Reggie and Ben. But between the secondary characters and plot, there was a lot more to love about Go Hex Yourself. Dru is an absolute trip, a witch who’s lived two thousand years and will do whatever she pleases at this stage in her life. And if that means throwing food at her centuries-long friend or going to extremes to see her nephew happy, so be it. Dru was definitely a highlight of the story, but Reggie’s former roommate and her new familiar friend are also great companions that truly added to Reggie’s new magical adventure.

I found the overall plot of Go Hex Yourself to be fun and steamy, but with plenty of danger for our main characters. Through a little forced proximity in with Reggie and Ben’s sunshine/grumpy personas, and readers are in for some excitement. The danger and mystery that ran throughout a good portion of the plot definitely kept me turning the page, even as I wanted to slow down and enjoy the steamier scenes between Ben and Reggie. Because once the main characters let down their guard? Things were definitely spicier than I was anticipating.

Go Hex Yourself gave a good mix of spicy romance, magical realism, and just a hint of mystery. Readers who enjoy opposites attract romance, magic, references to The Golden Girls, and Magic the Gathering-type games will definitely not want to miss this one.

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