ARC Review + Giveaway: The Certainty of Violet and Luke by Jessica Sorensen

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ARC Review + Giveaway: The Certainty of Violet and Luke by Jessica Sorensen
The Certainty of Violet and Luke
Book Info

Released: Sept. 16, 2014
Genre: New Adult
Series: The Coincidence #5
Pages: 300





“THE CERTAINTY OF VIOLET AND LUKE is a touching story of healing and heart. More than just a romance, Sorensen plays up the importance of finding and embracing one’s worth.” ~ Under the Covers

Something has torn Violet and Luke so far apart that it seems almost impossible for them to be together now. But Jessica Sorensen doesn’t allow that to stand in the way of a happily ever after for them. Yet there’s more to it than the secrets and lies between Luke and Violet that prevent them from being together, it’s also their state of minds.

Violet has always been a smartass. She’s the bad girl of the bunch, the rebel, but she’s also very, very insecure about herself. Because of what Preston has done to her, she is brainwashed into thinking that she can’t be loved and most of the story is about her trying to get over that. She struggles and she struggles hard, creating an angst-ridden emotional rollercoaster ride that makes you sympathetic to her. But what she hasn’t come to realize is that she is already loved by someone who will stop at nothing to protect her.

Luke is a great hero. His unconditional love and support for Violet shines throughout the book. Since this book centers about Preston, Violet’s stalker and her healing, Luke’s presence is constant throughout but is never quite put in the spotlight as much as Violet is. I was fine with this because I felt like there would be too much going on otherwise. Sorensen plays up the romance so that you definitely feel that Violet and Luke are getting the happily ever after romance that they deserve.

There’s one thing I always enjoy about Sorensen’s writing and that is how she is able to get inside her character’s heads. It’s not always a happy place, but Sorensen always manages to hit that perfect amount of angst so that readers feel sympathetic and connected to the reader, but don’t feel too bogged down with emotions themselves.

Readers who follow the series will be thrilled to note the appearances of some familiar faces in the series, as well as the introduction of a character that I think will play a part in Sorensen’s future books.

THE CERTAINTY OF VIOLET AND LUKE is a touching story of healing and heart. More than just a romance, Sorensen plays up the importance of finding and embracing one’s worth.

*ARC provided by author



It’s like he’s fighting to breathe, his solid chest rising and falling heavily with each breath he takes. “You have to start trusting me.”
“I do trust you. Too much,” I whisper, shutting my eyes. “You could crush my heart if you wanted to.” The silence that follows is maddening.
Did I just say that out loud?
Time feels endless as I wait for what comes next. I hear him shift on the seat, feeling him scoot closer
“Violet, open your eyes.” His breath dusts my cheeks.
I swiftly shake my head, smashing my lips together. “I can’t.” But I find myself opening my eyes anyway and he’s so close, only inches away from me.
“I would never ever hurt you,” he promises, his hand gently cupping the back of my neck, fingers spreading across my skin. His touch sends a shot of tingles across my flesh and causes me to shiver as he guides me toward his lips. But I’m already leaning in, an invisible current pulling me toward him, like two magnets about to collide.
When we do crash into one another, it’s dangerously intoxicating, steals the air from my lungs, and sends my heart slamming in my chest. I’m already falling again to that place where I feel helpless yet safe. Emotions press their way to the surface, this time too strong to ignore. It hits me like lightning, an electric current surging through my body, overwhelming heat that both brings me alive and kills me at the same time.
I think it’s then that I know what I’m feeling. The thing I’ve been trying to avoid for days now, and I’m both terrified out of my mind yet alarmingly at peace.

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The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.


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