“Ms. Dahl is definitely the go-to-author if you’re in the mood for a hot contemporary read.” ~ Under the Covers

I love it when an author writes of sexy hero but not perfect by the least, it just makes him so believable. Ms. Dahl made Walker Pearce just to be that!

Walker is one of the sexy cowboys living in an apartment complex in Jackson Town aka the “stud farm”. As sexy as he is, he is nothing close to being perfect. Living as a true Cowboy, he works the ranch and occasionally using his “charm” as a part of his job. And as far as he knows, that’s as far as his ability can go. But Charlie, who Walker went to high school with, knows he can be so much more. For reasons she can’t figure out, he is purposely holding himself back from any opportunities. Charlie is determined to push him and show him that he is so much more…and that’s while trying to get her own problems solved.

I love Walker and Charlie’s love story. I can never tire of reading about two adults trying to find their place in life. After meeting Walker in Too Hot to Handle, I was definitely intrigued. Descriptions like “Seriously. He looks…Big”, “..damn good cowboy”, and the fact that he is a big flirt and damn good dancer just made my knees weak. But all in all, I’m actually glad this “manwhore” is more than meets the eye. Meeting Charlie again was definitely a blessing. Walker needs a woman of substance and ambitious but yet grounded as he is. It’s not funny but, Charlie seemed to get herself in sticky situations. Finding Walker again actually gives her a bit of clarity of making the right decisions for herself. Charlie and Walker were a good fit indeed, and their story was certainly sweet.

Ms. Dahl gave Walker and Charlie a story one of hope, love and second chances. She also never fails to deliver steamy scenes that will leave you panting for the next page. Ms. Dahl is definitely the go-to-author if you’re in the mood for a hot contemporary read.

*ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I’ve always read such great reviews for this author and series! Definitely going to be adding to my wishlist 🙂 Thanks for the fun review!

  2. Ms Dahl doesn’t write books fast enough to satisfy me! I love everything she writes, and especially this series. Good review!

  3. I love the first books in this series. I can’t wait to read this newest addition. Sometimes it takes the right women to bring out the ambition in a man.

  4. Victoria always writes about characters that aren’t perfect. That’s one of the things I love about her books. Thanks for the review.

  5. I’m a big fan of her writing! This review was great and I will be adding this to my TBR list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. This book hits so many hot spots for me! Sexy cowboy, Ms. Dahl wrote it, second chance love story, and an apartment complex nicknamed The Stud Farm (where is that located btw?), and I am sold! Thanks for a great review!

  7. A good review, but possibly a wee bit on the generic side, not offering as much as I would like in specifics about the story as a whole-rather than what the characters say, etc. Still, good. Thank you! Shelbie =)

  8. Hearing so many good things about this book. Told myself I would starting picking up some of the newer Victoria Dahl books, I went back and started with some of her earlier stuff but would like to try out some of the newer series.

  9. Great review, makes me even for excited to read and bimp it up on my to-read list. I have heard a bunch of great reviews, remarks, and tweets about this book too! Thanks for the giveaway ♥