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It’s so refreshing to find a NA series that have mature teens. For me, BREATHE was one of those books. In the first book of the Sea Breeze series, Abbi Glines presents readers with a rockstar hero who isn’t cocky or conceited. He’s actually very down to earth and tired of the fanatic that follows him day and night.

So when he meets his newest domestic servant, Sadie he is drawn to the fact that she isn’t swooning over him like most girls her age. Sadie was a character that I immediately liked. Her mother isn’t very concerned with her well-being. She likes to spend her time with men and so when she gets knocked up and can’t work, guess who is the one pulling the load on their small family? Sadie does more than a usual teen would which makes me love her because of her courage and her skills. I immediately wanted her to have a HEA for that alone. Anyone who has to work as hard as she does deserves some happiness.

I read this book fairly quickly because there were so many great things about it. But there was one thing I wished there was more of. Glines plays up a minor love triangle between Sadie, Jax and another one of Sadie’s co-workers. Though he doesn’t really stand a chance against the likes of Jax, I also would have loved to read more on that.

I am very much looking forward to reading more of the characters she introduced in this book. This makes me excited to read the next few books in the series! I have a few to catch up on!

If you’re read this series already, I want to know in the comments which book has been your favorite so far!

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  1. Agree with your review Ann 🙂
    I read this series,and it’s very good,refreshing read in the NA genre 🙂
    I like all books from this series,but my favorite is Just for Now 🙂