“I loved every single second of this book!” ~Under the Covers

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to get my hands on Gina Lamm’s second “Geek Regency” book, “Geek Girls Don’t Date Dukes” (Thanks Fran!!!) In this next adventure in Geekaliciousness, the story picks up a little while after Jamie, the heroine in book 1, (SPOILER ALERT!!! Look away now if you haven’t read it yet… ok, you’ve been warned.) “The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl”, gets her Happily Ever After.

In this story we meet Leah, an Elementary Drama School Teacher, with a penchant for all things fantasy. She spends her summers off from teaching working at a local Renaissance Fair, losing herself in the beauty of the costumes and the language. Her ‘ain’t getting any younger’ Grandfather “Paw Paw” has been nagging her for some time now to find a nice man to settle down with so that when he dies, she will have someone to take care of her. Now Leah is very headstrong and doesn’t think she needs to be taken care of, but not wanting her Paw Paw to be disappointed in her, she sets her mind to find herself a man, if only to placate him. Seeing as how her best friend Jamie had to go back into oldey timey world to find her Earl-charming, she thought where better to start than to take her own trip through the mirror of true love?

After all, maybe she will find her very own royal match. When she plops through the mirror, she falls into the arms of a very handsome man who at first Leah mistakes for the master of the manor. Not wanting to mislead a lady, he clears up the mistake, and we learn his name is Avery and he is the Duke of Granville’s personal Valet. He is immediately smitten by Leah’s beauty and strength and offers to assist her with her quest in gaining the Earl’s favor by offering to get her a job as a maid in the house so that she may get close to him. As time goes on, he realizes that Leah is no ordinary woman and the more he fights it, the more he is drawn to her. Leah on the other hand is wondering if it’s really the Earl that is her true love.

Perhaps it isn’t a Duke that could win her heart.

Hold on to your petticoats ladies because Avery will melt your bloomers off! (He’s a boxer ladies, need I say more?) I loved every single second of this book! Gina Lamm does not disappoint! She has a way of making an unbelievable situation feel like it could actually happen in real life. (But then again, I am in love with a mad man in a blue box) As in her first glorious tale of geekery, the story is told in alternating points of view and her writing style is so spot on for each character that at times I found myself using an accent in my head! This book kept me up way past my bedtime for the past 2 nights and I am just thankful that it was the weekend and I have tomorrow to recover from this book hangover.

The love scenes were scorching hot (oh mama!), the action scenes had me holding my breath and yelling at my Kindle, and yet again my heart was torn out of my chest for a good portion of this book. I do hope that this isn’t the last geek tale that she has for me because there are too few authors out there who can satisfy my cravings for all things geek. Well done Ms. Lamm! You have a life long fan in me and I am proud to say that I am a Lamm-Chop! 5 very enthusiastic feathers!

*ARC provided by publisher

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