“FLIRTING WITH FORTUNE is a sweetly romantic read and another great installment to the series.” ~Under the Covers

Erin Knightley returns with the third book in the Sealed with a Kiss series. FLIRTING WITH FORTUNE is Lady Beatrice’s book, the sibling to the main characters in the previous books. One of the great things about this series is the focus on family. I just love reading the interaction between the Moore siblings and finally, we have Beatrice’s story which just as entertaining as the others.

Beatrice and Sir Colin Tate meet by accident and it’s quite fun to read their interactions with one another. Knightley brings forth a lot of humor and flirting however, because decorum doesn’t allow them to be seen together, they must be introduced to one another before they can dance. It’s all very sweet and charming.

But the shock comes when Beatrice learns that the man she met earlier is the son of her favorite artist. Colin is also in the marriage market, looking for a woman to marry with a fortune to save their reputation. It’s all a mad dash and certainly makes for a fun storyline.

I was enamored by Colin the Scot so reading this book took no effort on my part at all. Another fabulous thing about this book is Knightley’s writing. It flows smoother than silk thus creating the most enjoyable experience while reading.

There is also a touch of angst that I think adds dimension to the characters. It’s always wonderful when readers are able to connect with the characters on the page and feel the same emotions as they do. Knightley possesses that rare talent and I think that’s what makes her stories feel so real; they are so relatable.

FLIRTING WITH FORTUNE is a sweetly romantic read and another great installment to the series.

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