“But the story actually wasn’t as strong for me as I was expecting.” ~Under the Covers

I was really excited to read FROM THE ASHES.  I’ve liked Daisy Harris work before and then mix that in with firefighters, yeah I couldn’t wait.  But the story actually wasn’t as strong for me as I was expecting.

First there’s Jesse.  He’s down on his luck, his apartment burned down.  He’s a bit too much of a sad case for me.  He was a bit too much like a victim and couldn’t really take hold of the situation and be better from it.  He was lacking strength.

Then there’s Tomas.  Sexy Tomas.  He’s the firefighter that comes to the rescue.  When Jesse has no place to go, he lets him stay with him.  But it was just so awkward that he lives right behind his family (big Latino household) and they obviously don’t approve of him being gay.

I guess this was just a case of personal taste and different expectations.  I like my characters with a bit more backbone and less weak.  I do still like Daisy Harris’ writing, but I think from now I may stick to the awkward college kids of Holsom College.

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