Review: Kitty in the Underworld by Carrie Vaughn

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Review: Kitty in the Underworld by Carrie Vaughn
Kitty in the Underworld
Book Info

Released: July 30, 2013
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Kitty Norville #12
Pages: 305

“It’s still a good story.  But I lost that love and spark.” ~Under the Covers

Wow, I’m not quite sure where to start with what I want to say…. I love Kitty Norville.  She’s always been a fresh change in a sea where the paranormal series blend together as they always have the same thing to say.  The books in this series are always original in plot and there is usually an interconnected storyline or bad guy that drives them forward.  That being said, I may just be done reading it.

I’ll try to explain why.  Kitty lost the spark for me.  In the past few books we haven’t gotten much in the way of changing of Kitty’s character.  Yes, she’s the Alpha of her Pack.  Yes, she’s learning to deal with the dangers she faces, but at the core she’s still a bit of a cynic and carries on the same way that she would’ve a few books back.  I am not seeing the character growth.

Then there’s Cormac.  I’ve seen his characters morph and change into this weird thing that now is really also a witch who lives in his body.  I used to LOVE him.  And I can’t find it in me to love him anymore.

As much as this story was still fresh and interesting, what with Kitty having to go to the Underworld and not knowing if she would make it out alive… I was sadly uninterested.  Don’t get me wrong it’s still a good story.  But I lost that love and spark.  I feel like maybe it’s time to give this series a conclusion or a new twist.

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About Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn is the New York Time Bestselling author of close to twenty novels and over seventy short stories. She's best known for the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series about a werewolf who hosts a talk radio advice show for supernatural beings -- the series currently includes thirteen novels and a collection of short stories -- and the superhero novels in the Golden Age saga. She also writes the Harry and Marlowe steampunk short stories about an alternate nineteenth century that makes use of alien technology. She has a masters degree in English lit, graduated from the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop in 1998, and returned to the workshop as Writer in Residence in 2009. She has been nominated for the Hugo Award, various RT Reviewer Choice Awards -- winning for Best First Mystery for Kitty and The Midnight Hour -- and won the 2011 WSFA Small Press award for best short story for "Amaryllis."

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  1. I enjoy that each book in this series has had an entirely different story line and many different settings, but there’s always been the missing spark with the characters. Kitty and her guy have no heat, Cormac has been under utilized and watered down (though he never got much page time or development). For me, this has always been a check out from the library series.

    While Cormac and the witch (who’s name I forget) are secondary characters, why add a potentially interesting twist and do so little with it? I think it’s time for an exorcism.

  2. I am a couple of books behind on this series, but it is losing my interest as well.

    Anne, has some very good points.

    As always,thanks for the review

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