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“Ms. Jones did a wonderful job with the fusion of mystery, suspense, romance and steam factor in this book.”
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Ms. Jones did a wonderful job with the fusion of mystery, suspense, romance and steam factor in this book. I think each factor was evenly distributed that I can’t decide which genre this book truly belongs to. I will admit, that the suspense and mystery were what kept me intrigued and interested. I loved that Forsaken had Tomb Raider feel to its story.

This book picks up right at the end of Infinite Possibilities, and this is Chad’s POV. Chad has done everything to protect his sister Amy and his family secret. He was captured and tortured for information, but he continued to stay quiet. Fortunately, before his situation became even more dire, he was rescued by a woman who wants to help him bring the enemy down . Chad and Gia will fight to survive and trust will be their biggest obstacle to a happy ending.

Chad and Gia’s beginning is not your typical, love-at-first-sight kind of love story. In fact, Gia was initially teamed up with Chad’s kidnappers but realized she was on the wrong side of the track. Later, she will depend on Chad for protection and their roles switch. The angst was to a minimum and didn’t feel a sense of insta-love between them. I like their getting-to-know-you phase while they tried to survive. I didn’t love Chad as much as Liam, but my heart broke for him when I saw all the sacrifices he’s made.

I did enjoy Chad’s POV. His side of things explained a lot of the missing puzzle from the two previous books. It all makes sense now though I’m not surprised that Ms. Jones ended this installment with more questions. Her forte is to keep me wanting more.  Looks like Liam is not who he seems and my have more secrets up his sleeve that can damper on everyone’s HEA. Next book is called Unbroken and will be in Amy’s POV.  And yes, Liam will get more page time.

If you haven’t, read any of Ms. Jones’ books, I would recommended this series and her Inside Out series.   I especially recommend them to readers who likes lot of mystery, suspense and romance to their reads .

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