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“If ever there was a fun read I devoured quickly, it’s COCKY BASTARD.  This book was sweet and sassy from the beginning, full of fun and smexy. ”
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Some books are surprisingly not what you thought they would be.  COCKY BASTARD is one of those.  With a name like that I was expecting the typical jerk hero, which I was totally fine with.  Instead we get Chance.  A hot (and cocky) Australian in the middle of Nebraska on his way to California.  Extremely hot, extremely confident, and extremely sweet.  I can guarantee Chance will be adding himself to many a book boyfriend’s list.

So Aubrey, our heroine, is moving to California and starting a new life.  She got cheated on by her lawyer boyfriend and she’s now taken a job thousands of miles away where she doesn’t know anyone in the hopes of finding herself and what really makes her happy.  While driving across the country she meets Chance at a rest area.  She needs a tire changed, his bike breaks down, and they end up driving together across the country to California.  Along the ride they bond, they fall in love….and the pick up a pet goat.  But Chance  is hiding something from her and it’ll take some time before she finally finds out what that is and forgives him.

If ever there was a fun read I devoured quickly, it’s COCKY BASTARD.  This book was sweet and sassy from the beginning, full of fun and smexy.  Chance draws you in from the first page and you can’t help but want him to get the girl.  The writing between these two was flawless and seamless.  The story flows perfectly.  I didn’t feel a moment of drag at all, which can sometimes happen for me with sweet stories like this.  COCKY BASTARD was just a hell of a lot of fun to read and now I just want to find my own cocky Australian ass model! 😉

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  1. Yes! I’ve been in a reading funk lately and I’m going to the bookstore this weekend…so I’ll add this to my shopping list

  2. I thought he’d be a typical jerk glad to know he isn’t, I’m definitely gonna get this…Thanks for the review Francesca

  3. You’ve peaked my curiosity with this one – I think I will have to pick it up. The title put me off at first… made me think it would be a little too NA for me. They are making me feel old lately so I have been taking a break!