“Tall, dark and …. grumpy, is always my style!  FORGED IN STEELE is one of my favorite books in this series!” ~Under the Covers

We have finally made it to Steele’s book.  The appeal I always found in Steele was that hard, impenetrable exterior.  This both draws me in and scares me that he would be a total ass.  Then his heroine was the perfect fit.  A bit of a free spirit, Maren is a doctor in South America.  Helping less privileged and helping the KGI when in need.

In a way they are much alike.  Both dedicated to their careers, because I’m not saying job for either of one.  They are their passions.  They live orderly lives without much else other than their daily tasks.  Except for that attraction that simmers every time they are near each other.

Until finally one night Steele decides he’s not fighting it anymore and has to have her.  What starts as a one night stand quickly becomes something they both want more of.  Any big badass Steele doesn’t fight it!  Thank the Lord!  He takes Maren, realizes he can’t just have her once, and goes back for more.  And never feels less of a man for it.

Tall, dark and …. grumpy, is always my style!  FORGED IN STEELE is one of my favorite books in this series!  Who would’ve thought the mysterious operative could be so cute and tender!

This book has a bit less of the suspense in my opinion, although yes, there’s the usual kidnapping and drug lord to take down.  I loved how the author focused on showing us the build up of Steele and Maren as a couple, even when they were apart and in danger.

Quite frankly, this story grabbed me from the very first page and didn’t let me put the book down until it was done.  Literally.  I was completely enamored with Steele, who shows a sweet and caring side, even laughs.  He’s a cuddly teddy bear with his woman and had no issues showing his affections to her in front of the rest of the crew.

As always, I just can’t wait for Donovan to fall.  Ahhh but his time should come soon.  Although there are a few others that might fall before him.  I’m not sure.  FORGED IN STEELE definitely brought my love back for this series.

*ARC provided by publisher

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