“… although it was a short read, it managed to pack in plenty of action and emotion.”
~ Under the Covers

Silence has no memories past the last ten years. The last ten years have been hell. Forced to serve a man she hates as his personal assassin and toy all she can think about is escape in what ever form it takes…his death or more likely her own. Until he promises her freedom, all she to do is one last job, kill one last man, only her target brings back memories that might explain her mysterious past.

I am really enjoying J.C. Daniels’ Colbana Files series, so I jumped on the chance of reading Final Protocol especially as it’s a sci fi, I have a weakness for sci fi! And I wasn’t disappointed, although it was a short read, it managed to pack in plenty of action and emotion.

Silence is one of those heroines, that if you dropped her in a forest with paperclip and plastic cup, she would come out a few days later with a spring in her step and a new wolf skin jacket. Completely kick ass. However, in Silence’s case her ability to kill and survive originate in a place so dark, she can’t remember how her slavery began. This added a dark edge to this Final Protocol. 

This was a great short read, perfect for if you want a taste of J.C. Daniels style, it had a more Urban Fantasy rather than romance style, so if you’re looking for something heavy on sweet nothing and gentle sex, then this isn’t for you. But if you want something a little gritty, with some action and an interesting conclusion, give Final Protocol a try.

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