He’s a, a good time cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine…. Oh sorry got distracted. But he IS a good time bad boy cowboy casanova leaning up against the bar looking sexy. *sigh* Ben McKay the things you do to me! First order of business, make sure you have the following things with you or handy before and while reading this book:

* A few changes of panties
* Your favorite BOB or significant other
* A glass of cold water, or an ice pack will do too.

Why, you ask? Because this book is HAWT! Ben McKay is such a naughty, naughty boy. Ms James has combined two of my favorite things, a hot cowboy and an alpha Dom. He just makes me purr. Whether it’s tied to a bench, to the bed, to the bar or even a pool table.

Ben has always been the quiet one, but what we never got to see before was how out of place he felt in his own family. Finding his sexual preferences and staying true to that has really made him feel whole and it’s not something he would ever give up.

Then he meets Ainsley at the Rawhide Club. She’s pretending to be a female Dom so he makes her an offer: he’ll be her sub for one night if he can Dom her for another night. Is that making you tingle yet?

But what a small world, Ainsley turns out to be the president of a new bank coming into Sundance, and Ben just happens to run into her and they make another deal. She’ll be his sub for a month to try out the lifestyle.

What starts out as a fun experiment for both turns into deeper feelings. And whether they are sneaking around or being open about how they feel, these two have undeniable chemistry! Bennett can get to a part of Ainsley that she didn’t think she had in her. And she gives him everything he thought he could never hope to have in a woman.

We see a little of the McKay clan but just in a small part. And I have to bring up the elephant in the room: The McKays can be money hungry asswipes sometimes, so I’m a bit disappointed with the turn of events in this book about a certain McKay. I hope in the next book he’ll redeem himself in my eyes.

Gavin is also starting to be part of the family just a bit, and I really can’t wait to read his story. And will he ask Ben for some love advice?

So read it, enjoy it, savor it. We won’t get another rough ride for a while but this one was amazing!

* This ARC was provided by Samhain Publishing.

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  1. I keep hoping my Nook will let me go ahead and open up my pre-ordered copy! WAHHH…seriously is it midnight yet already.

    And can I just say now I have to find out who the greedy McKay is.

  2. I just read this one – yes I’m late to the party – but I had to tell you I agree with the money issues – it sucks! I did miss the family as well – but I think we are seeing them in other ways. Plus it fits with Ben that he’s not very involved with the family. I wonder if Tell will have any more with the family than Ben did. Now that we are into this other branch of the family there isn’t as much of the earlier McKay siblings. Thanks for the review.