A TASTE OF MIDNIGHT is an exhilarating read that will leave Midnight Breeds fans wanting more! Lara Adrian crafts a well-written and passionate story for widow Danika MacConn, the Breedmate who lost her mate, Conlan in the first book of the Midnight Breed series, Kiss of Midnight.

Now in Edinburgh with her infant son, Conner, Danika has an unpleasant encounter with Mr. Reiver, an arrogant Breed male who enjoys selling live human game for the pleasure of seeing them suffer. Dani overhears a secret conversation about cargo that is being shipped containing humans for blood sport. Though Danika shows her courage countless times in this short story, she still has reason to fear for her life because now Reiver is interested in Dani.

It is then when Danika notices Reiver’s bodyguard, a man who goes by the name of Brannoc. He works as Reiver’s henchman, doing deeds to keep him close to his greatest enemy. In truth, Bran wants nothing more than to exact revenge for a crime that Reiver’s blood club has committed.

I loved this short story. Adrian incorporates all the elements that she is known for in this story – a strong heroine, a dangerously seductive Breed male and enough action to get your heart pumping. I was really impressed with the emotion in this one. I have been following the Midnight Breed series for awhile now so I was curious to see who Danika would be paired with. Oftentimes, it’s hard to have a character come back from such a heartbreaking experience, but Adrian does it with ease. Danika still grieves for her lost mate, still loves him dearly. But in her heart, she still has the ability to love and in A TASTE OF MIDNIGHT, Lara Adrian gives her a love to last several more lifetimes.


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