I loved the way she was able to integrate the suspense subplot into the storyline without making it seem too far-fetched or clichéd. ~ Under the Covers

I discovered Callie Croix’s work with LET ME IN. In that book, I found that I really enjoyed her writing style and voice. So I jumped at the chance at reading COVERT SEDUCTION.

Navy SEAL Reid Galvin is back, hoping to return to his life after leaving Becca Anderson for an assignment. However, when Reid gives Becca a call, she is in the midst of going out on a date with another guy. Seeming to have moved on since they last saw each other, Becca is trying to get a handle on a top secret discovery that she and her co-worker/date of the night, David have dug up. Little do they know that that discovery could very well get them killed.

A car accident that threatens to take their lives ups the ante in a large way. Croix really put the pedal to the metal and blasted this story from a good start to one that finished with finesse and style. I loved the way she was able to integrate the suspense subplot into the storyline without making it seem too far-fetched or clichéd.

And then there’s the romance between Reid and Becca. At first, I understood Becca’s initial resistance. Reid left her high and dry and came back hoping to continue things where they left off without a good enough explanation. But he sure does make up for it! Hot smexing does happen and it’s definitely worth the read if you like a good combination between kinky and sweet.

I went back and forth between liking Becca and Reid. There were times when I didn’t buy the excuses Reid came up with and also didn’t always agree with Becca’s actions in certain cases. That being said, I couldn’t give this book the 4 stars that I initially started with.

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  1. Ann,
    I guess I am the exception to your review 🙂 I loved this book and enjoy Callie’s writing. This book gave me everything I was hoping for and then some.
    But I am glad that you gave an honest review—not every book affects every reader the same. And that is okay in my world.