“Felicity Heaton has out done herself!!! This book is awesome!” ~ Under the Covers

Felicity Heaton has out done herself!!! This book is awesome!

I am super excited about this series. Ms. Heaton had made this world magnificently full of big bad sexy paranormal warriors. Everywhere you look there are sexy dark vamps, elves, shifters, and damn hot demons. She has even added dragons and witches into the mix. Ms. Heaton again wrote an action packed, sinfully sexy and definitely a romantic read. This has to be her best work yet!!!

I did not expect the next hero was Thorne the Demon King. I actually thought it was Bleu since he openly flirted and protected Sable in Kiss by a Dark Prince. Obviously, I was wrong. Sable did have very intense moments with Thorne which totally pissed Bleu off. If you thought there would be a fight to win Sable’s hands, you were right. Thorne and Bleu’s fight for Sable’s heart was super cute, but from the beginning she knew whom she wanted. Nevertheless Bleu’s attempt was very sweet just the same.

I looooove Thorne for how he loves and cares. I love that he was observant and always taking notes on how to win and, please his mate. I adored that he respected her and let her be who she is. He acknowledged she was a good warrior. Yet when given the time, he treated her like a total female. Of course, he is super sexy and very strong; a powerful warrior and ruler. Well respected by his followers and the surrounding realms. Sable is one lucky bi*tch. Not only that she has the kick ass career she always wanted, she lands a sexy Demon to boot. Though human, she knows how kick immortal ass. Any heroine that can put up a fight with immortal beings earns my respect. Sable can definitely do that, and with her hidden talent, she adds value during combat.

Honestly, I wasn’t too sure on where Ms. Heaton was taking this world to but she made one a thing clear from book one; the hate between the elves, vamps, demons and shifters were strong. She’s made this world bigger than what I expected, and it’s even clearer the war brewing between the realms. Thorne certainly is the right track trying to make an alliance with the surrounding kingdoms. Though not even close to world peace but surely is a great start.

I’m most excited about the family feud between the pure blooded vamps, Grave and Night. Apparently, they are related to Snow from Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance series. Looks like there are centuries of bad blood there.

Loren’s brother, Veil made an appearance. It was brief, but he certainly made his presence known. It’s clear that he is messed up in the head. His story is up next and I have a feeling that it will be a heart wrenching one. Thought Ms. Heaton herself mentioned that readers will be upset with his treatment of his mate. I can totally see him being that way. Let’s see how Ms. Heaton bring him to his knees long enough to fall for his heroine.

If you like Thea Harrison’s Elder Races and Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, you’ll enjoy Ms. Heaton’s Eternal Mate series.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! All I can do for Vail is promise that while he’ll make mistakes due to his messed up past, he will find his way in the end and fall hard for his lady.