“One of my favorite Holiday reads this year!” ~Under the Covers

This year I’ve had the pleasure of discovering the talented Katie Porter.  I’ve really enjoyed their Vegas Top Guns series, they are great stories and VERY erotic.  However, although I was very excited to start reading this book, I didn’t know what to expect of them writing m/m.

I can’t say that I consider myself an expert in the genre, but I have read quite a bit of it this past year and I find that sometimes the feelings don’t translate, or that they feel forced.

Well, I’m more than happy to report that this was not the case with CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR.  It really surpassed my expectations for this book!  I usually try to start reading some Christmas themed books right around this time of the year and they tend to be extremely sweet.  Now, sometimes that’s the charm.  Other times, you just want to be able to spice things up.  And that’s what this book brought in spades.

Kyle Wakefield comes from a rich and influential family in Virginia, he’s producing a movie filming in London during the Holidays.  But even this far away from home, his past is going to come crashing right into him.  Ten years ago, he was a teenager struggling with his emotions and with discovering that he was gay.  He had the fortune of finding his soulmate then.  Nathan Carnes was a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, he didn’t have the position in society nor the money.  And he was never ashamed of who he was.  He was openly gay, proud of it and maybe a bit in your face.  But everything changed when Nathan ended up in jail and their relationship fell apart.  Kyle has been in the closet ever since and hasn’t talked to Nathan either.  Except Nathan is now out of jail and leads the stunt crew for Kyle’s movie.

Kyle and Nathan reconnect from the very beginning.  And from almost that moment, I was completely enthralled with the story.  They’ve both hurt each other.  They’re both continuing to do it.  But in the end, you can see how they are vulnerable and fragile.  How they need each other.  I was rooting for them from the get-go, just as Kyle’s business partner was.

They are polar opposites, which I also found  perfect.  Kyle is refined in the way he acts, speaks and dresses.  Always wearing expensive suits.  And then there’s bad boy Nathan, with his Doc Martens and leather jacket.  And then things get even hotter when Kyle wears a collar for Nathan.

A story of a second chance at love.  It was bittersweet to see that they’d lost all these years of being together, but it was worth it to see the intensity of their feelings.

CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR is one of my favorite Holiday reads this year!  It’s an intense ride from beginning to end, full of non-stop action, sensuality, chemistry and mind-blowing sex.  Perfect to warm up the chilly winter nights.

*ARC provided by author

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  1. WANT!

    I actually read a ton of M/M… write it, too. For some reason, as much as I’m a dedicated Paranormal girl, M/M is the only contemporary I read regularly. I’m always on the lookout for something new. Plus, I glut myself with holiday stories this time of year…

    Ugh, I can’t wait until tomorrow!


  2. I haven’t read this author team yet, but this sounds like a strong story. Maybe I’ll give them a try with this book.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dammit, Francesca—you know you are (or more like HAVE) created a monster, here, right?
    Now I must check out this book. You hooked me up with Katie’s Fly Boys and now I see this is M/M? Come to mama!
    Great review!