ARC Review: Broken Blade by J.C. Daniels

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ARC Review: Broken Blade by J.C. Daniels
Broken Blade
Book Info

Released: January 6th 2014
Series: Colbana Files #3
Pages: 254

What really made Broken Blade shine for me though was Damon, Kit’s kind-of former lover, and the way he was treating Kit. ~ Under the Covers

After the events of Night Blade tore my heart apart I was eager to dive in to Broken Blade and see what happens next. Kit had been tortured and broken by a vampire, a step away from killing herself rather than endure more, before she was rescued by her friends and her lover. In Broken Blade we read as Kit tries to cope with the aftermath of her torture and eventually try to pull together a semblance of her former life. But, when she takes what looks like a simple job in an attempt to start her life again, it open’s a Pandora’s box full of problems…

Night Blade completely awed me, it left me a slobbery teary mess by the last page, with the horrific intensity as you read Kit get tortured by a sadistic monster and her obvious trauma when she is rescued, all expertly written by J.C. Daniels. Maybe it was a little inevitable that the book after those events wouldn’t quite be as enthralling, it was still heartbreaking and emotional; however, it never provoked quite the same reaction as Night Blade.

Broken Blade could almost be broken in two halves, the first half we watch as Kit tries to cope with the everyday and is pushed by her friends to start living life again. And although interesting and tragic this section of the book was fairly slow meaning the book took a while to get going, which would be expected I imagine if Kit had gone to her normal self after her ordeal I would have thrown the it down in disgust. The second half of Broken Blade was when it started to get a little more interesting as Kit focuses on a case that turns far more complex than she ever expected. This brought some action into the book and sped up the pace of the book, making it a lot more exciting.

What really made Broken Blade shine for me though was Damon, Kit’s kind-of former lover, and the way he was treating Kit. If I wasn’t already in love with Damon, I would be head over heels by now, his love and devotion to Kit really came through in this book and seeing his pain over what happened to Kit was almost as hard to see as Kit’s pain.

This was a great read, maybe not my favourite installment in the series, but it left many intriguing plot lines open and was packed full of emotion and a little bit of action, I can’t wait to read the next in Colbana Files series.

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