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“Collins does a good job keeping me locked on the story.”
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Juliana Norris is having another adventure as a Realm Walker agent. This time, while mated to a powerful Vampire, Thomas Kendrick. In this installment, Juliana, is assigned to go undercover to investigate magic activities concerning a necromancer and his zombies. Unfortunately, the territory belonged to her mate’s rival creating a bit of a problem. Her only choice is to lie to her mate before going into her mission putting herself in an even more dangerous predicament.

Feels like forever since I last read anything from this series but I’m glad this book finally came out. I was dying to read more about Thomas and Juliana. They’ve had such a rough past that I was excited to see them together as a couple. It was cute and frustrating how they were both trying to adjust to each other and working on trust or lack there of. Thomas was very sweet.

My itty bitty qualm with Juliana is that she kept the project from Thomas. I suppose, she can’t be blamed given their past and Thomas being an alpha and all. But I feel like there was no need for the lie. Thomas would giver her anything she wants which she will soon learn first hand. Unfortunately, she will learn the hard and painful way. Of course, she still come out on top. I do commend her for being the kick-ass heroine that she is.

All the books in the series are all quick reads, anywhere from 175-195 pages per book. So, don’t be afraid to try it out. Collins does a good job keeping me locked on the story  and no doubt will do the same for you specially if you like vampires, fae, magic, necromancers and zombies.

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