I really enjoy stories where the hero or heroine have some sort of a disability.  In this case, even though they are both grimm, or angels, Luc is blind.  The interesting thing about it is that his gift (as all grimms have one) is the ability to look into the minds of others.  He can actually use their eyes as well, which gives him an edge over any human in his condition.

Everyone thinks he’s been nursing a broken heart because Perci, his princess, moved on and found love elsewhere.  Most of all, Sina.  She’s a very old grimm and was Luc’s trainer a long time ago.  And she’s been in love with him ever since.  She’s loved and wanted for so long.  Being forced now to work together on a case might be more than she can take.

Especially when they are sent to Greece to investigate a story of seven bloody sisters.  Little does anyone know this was the origin or Sina’s grimm tale.  See Snow White was less about the seven dwarves and more about the seven wives that tormented one woman to the point that she took her own life.

And speaking of blood, I was so completely hooked with the first line in this book I just had to share.

The woman stood alone in a courtyard of blood.

 In a way, I thought there should’ve been a little more focus on developing and exposing Sina’s original story and her relation to the events and the house they were there to investigate.  There was a good amount of focus on Luc and Sina’s relationship, but theirs was not as hot as the previous one I’ve read in the series.  Still they had great chemistry together.

Will is a character I’m curious to read more about, as well as Crow.  I think this is a perfect case of me liking the bad boys more than the good ones.

*ARC provided by author

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