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Interview with Sebastian Ramos

I spend so much time with my characters that sometimes it’s impossible to figure out what readers want to know about them. So when the opportunity came up to interview Sebastian Ramos, newly acquired defenseman with the Dartmouth Cobras, I figured who better to send than a fan of the team and the books?

Just hope Jennifer knows what she’s getting into!

* * * *

As Jennifer rapped her knuckles softly on the door, the excited yips of a puppy sounded inside, bringing a smile to her lips. Somehow the noise coming from inside the big fancy house helped her relax. She touched her short, curly blond hair as footsteps approached the door, loud and steady, making her pulse race.

Sebastian’s not the scary one. She took deep breaths as she gave herself a little pep talk. Be cool. Ask the questions. And try not to stare.

The door opened revealing a huge, muscular man in a black silk shirt, his long, dark hair combed back, the end resting on one broad shoulder. Her heart nearly took a nose dive out of her chest as she stared up at his handsome face. His dark eyes fascinated her, and her mouth went dry as she tried to remember her pep talk. Or Bianca’s intructions.

Or her name.

A little whine shook her from her stupor and she giggled as the puppy wiggling in the man’s arms stretched its neck to lick her nose.

“You are Jennifer, I imagine?”

Jennifer nodded, focusing on the puppy while she did her best to manage to form a single question. “Sebastian?”

He chuckled, tucked the puppy under one arm, and curved his hand under her elbow. “Yes. Please come inside and make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?”

Yes! Something strong. She opened her mouth.

He arched a brow as though he’d read her thoughts. “Coffee? Tea?”

“Coffee would be great.”

“Would you like to conduct the interview in the living room, or the sun room?”

“Oh! The sun room please. I’d love to see your lovebirds.”

“Would you now?” He sounded pleased, as if her interest in the birds meant something. “Very well, you may play with Pit while I serve the coffee.”

Minutes later, in the sunroom, Jennifer knelt in front of the small table, trying the trick Sebastian had done with the bird in the book. And the bird seemed to be laughing at her efforts. Every time she motioned with her finger, Pit chirped, cocked his head, and did a little hop.

The rich scent of coffee drifting into the room. Sebastian set the tray on the other side of the table, then put a small bowl of fruit in front of her.

“Now try.”

Jennifer pointed her finger at the bird. “Bang!”

Pit rolled to his back, feet up in the air.

“He knew you had nothing for him, so he wasn’t willing to perform.” Sebastian took her hand, and the heat of his flesh caressing hers made her breath catch. He put a small piece of honey melon on her palm. “Give him this, then we can move on to the questions. Bianca mentioned you had some . . . rather interesting ones?”

Thanks, Bianca. Jennifer fed Pit the melon, then sat back on her heels. The amusement in Sebastian’s eyes had her looking down at herself, wondering what she’d done. She looked quite presentable in her dark blue skirt suit, which showed off her curves to their best advantage.

“I have not asked you to kneel for me, pequeña.” He held out his hand and drew her to her feet before whispering in her ear. “Yet.”

Oh. My. God. Jennifer gaped at him, swallowing convulsively. “You’re—you . . . Jami?”

“Is quite secure in our relationship. She does not mind if I care for the needs of other subs.” He toyed with the hair at the nape of her neck. “She knows I will respect the limits we’ve agreed on.”

“What limits?”

“I will show you. After the interview.”

What interview? Suddenly, it occurred to her that she hadn’t come here to fool around with arguably the hottest man the Cobras had on their roster. But apparently that could be an added bonus. She wet her lips as he moved away, then perched on the edge of the seat behind her.

“Umm . . . so first question.” Let’s start with an easy one. “What’s your favorite kind of music during a scene?”

Sinking into his chair and resting an ankle on his knee, Sebastian studied her face with unnerving intensity. “What kind of music arouses you, Jennifer? What music reaches you on a deeper level?”

Her face heated. “I’m not sure.”

“I would find out. During a scene, my goal is to control everything you see, hear, and feel.”

“So you don’t have your own preferences?”

His lips curved slightly. “I enjoy classical music.”

She could almost hear something slow and soothing playing out in the background as she pictured him stretched out on his bed with Luke moving down his body. Her panties dampened and she clenched her thighs to keep from squirming with need.

Another question, quick before you embarrass yourself, Jennifer! “What’s your favorite food to . . . .” She pressed her lips together to smother a groan. “Play with.”

“Chocolate and caramel. There’s nothing I enjoy licking from quivering flesh more. I believe I could savor a person for hours, using my mouth and tongue to clean off every last drop.”

Jennifer clenched her thighs tighter. “Man or woman?”


“How do you manage bisexuality as a hockey player?” Okay, that was blunt. “I mean, do you feel that you have to hide it?” Not much better.

“There are parts of my life that I feel best kept private. If my lover wanted to ‘come out’, I would do so, but since he doesn’t, I don’t feel the need.”

“Ah.” Yeah, she couldn’t see Luke being comfortable with the media all over them. And she really liked that Sebastian seemed to understand and accept that. “Okay, so what about BDSM? Who taught you?”

“I’ve learned from many experienced Doms and Dommes over the years, but I’d rather not include any names. In many cases, being involved in the lifestlye is no different than being bisexual or gay. People can be very judgemental.”

Very true. “So . . . you’ve been called an ‘ubber-Dom’, but yet Luke’s need for pain brought you to your limits. Do you think your two mates bring out your ‘softer side’?”

“That’s a very good question.” Sebastian rubbed his chin as though carefully thinking over the question. “I believe I have become more in tune with both Luke and Jami’s needs than my own. It was never a problem before, but with them . . . .” His eyes took on a far off look, so warm and loving Jennifer couldn’t help but smile. He shook his head and smiled back at her. “It is difficult to explain, but I’ve had to re-examine my own limits.”

A Dom who admits he’s not perfect. I like that. Jennifer inhaled slowly. The next question was harder. “What was it like, growing up before your dad died?”

Shadows stole across Sebastian’s face. He turned his head to stare out the window. “Very difficult. I lost him, and my mother, because we never had enough. I didn’t have an easy childhood, but I was loved. They would be very proud of the man I’ve become and I believe that is more important than regrets.”

“I agree.” Jennifer reached out and put her hand over his. He inclined his head at her, as though telling her to continue. “Something easier now. What is the sexiest thing about Luke and Jami? What is their sexiest physical attribute?”

He let out a gruff laugh. “Where should I begin? Jami is a handful, so full of energy and love, her smile and her eyes alone can bring me to my knees. She challenges me—but those are simply some of the reasons I love her. Sexiest? I don’t know if there is any one thing. And the same can be said for Luke. All the things he does that drive others insane make him unique. Precious. He is loyal and strong—not just physical strength, but something much deeper.”

“So who they are is what’s sexiest?”

“Yes.” He grinned. “You’re a very smart woman, Jennifer.”

The compliment made her all glowy inside. “Thank you.”

“You are very welcome.” Sebastian leaned forward, bracing his hands on his knees. “Is there more you’d like to know?”

“Just two more questions.” Her cheeks heated up again. “Umm . . . what do you like most about sex with a man? Sex with a woman?”

“Ah, with a man, there is something brutal, something raw. Not always, but there are things I feel more comfortable doing with someone whose strength matches mine.” His gaze traveled slowly over her. “With a woman, there’s something soft and tender a man can not give. I love the sweetness of a woman’s lips, the swell of her breasts, the curve of her hips and ass.”

Her heart beat went into double time. “And what is your favorite activity/implement to do/use during a scene with Luke and Jami?”

“The same implements I enjoy using in any scene. My hands.” He stood, extending one hand to her. “Now, back to your first question, the only one I haven’t answered yet.”

She stood on shaky legs. “What?”

“The limits agreed on when I play with others.”

Against some attacks, the only hope is to come out and meet the play.

Last year, Jami Richter had no plans, no goals, no future. But that’s all changed. First step, make up for putting her father through hell by supporting the hockey team he manages and becoming an Ice Girl. But a photo shoot puts her right in the arms of Sebastian Ramos, a Dartmouth Cobra defenseman with a reputation for getting any woman—or, as the rumours imply, man—he desires. And the powerful dominant wants her…and Luke. Getting involved in Seb’s lifestyle gives her a new understanding of the game and the bonds between players. But can she handle being caught between two men who want her, while struggling with their attraction to one another?

Luke Carter’s life is about as messed up as his scarred face. His mother is sick. His girlfriend dumps him. When he goes to his favorite BDSM club to blow off some steam, his Dom status is turned upside down when a therapeutic beating puts him in a good place. He flatly denies being submissive–or, even worse, being attracted to another man. He wants Jami but can’t have her without getting involved with Sebastian. Can he overcome his own prejudices long enough to admit he wants them both?

Caught between Luke and Jami, Sebastian Ramos does everything in his power to fulfill their needs. His two new submissives willingly share their bodies, but not their secrets. When his own past comes back to haunt him, the fragile foundation of their relationship is ripped apart. As he works to salvage the damage done by doubt and insecurity, he discovers that Jami is hiding something dangerous. But it may already be too late.

This ebook contains material not suitable for readers under 18. It also contains scenes that some may find objectionable, including hockey violence, BDSM, ménage sex, bondage, anal sex, sex toys, multiple partners, woman love, and man love including, but not limited to an erotic shower scene. Readers are advised not to attempt reenacting the scene while reading the ebook.


Sebastian used his fingertips to explore Luke’s face, the golden stubble on his jaw uneven in a way that made him seem a wild thing. The soft, barely there curls on his chest showing how young he still was. He grazed his teeth over Luke’s ribs. Power surged through him as Luke hissed in a breath and bucked his hips. He flipped Luke over and pressed down between his shoulder blades to stop him from twisting around.

“How is your back?” He braced one hand between Luke’s shoulder blades and rose up enough to feel the tight muscles, spotted with dark bruises where Luke had been hit. “I expect you to tell me if the pain becomes unpleasant.”

Luke groaned and buried his face in the pillows as Sebastian carefully massaged around the worst of the bruises. “Ugh, that feels good. Don’t hurt much anymore. Can’t be half as bad as your ribs. Did you get them checked?”

“Your concern is touching.” Sebastian kissed the nape of Luke’s neck, slowly breathing in the clean scent of soap, a hint of musk and sweat. He stroked down Luke’s side, over his hip, then up again. Worked his fingers into muscles wrought with tension. Going slow while relaxing his hold. Giving Luke a chance to adjust to being touched by him. Waiting for him to become aware that he wasn’t being forced to accept the attentions of another man. A dominant man. To understand that he had finally submitted.

A shudder went through the solid body beneath him and he could practically taste Luke’s fear as a fine sheen of cold sweat covered his skin. He rose up as Luke panted and rolled him onto his back. “Stretch your arms over your head. I don’t want them in my way.”

Luke swallowed and nodded. He lifted his arms and squeezed his eyes shut.

“No. You will look at me.” Sebastian waited until Luke opened his eyes. Stared into them as he moved down. “Don’t pretend you are with someone else. Someone who it is not wrong to let do these things to you. I am the one touching you. Tasting you. I am the only one who will until you understand that you belong to me.”

“Fuck.” Luke trembled and made a rough sound in his throat. “Fuck, Sebastian, what are you doing to me? I still can’t believe—”

“Believe it.” Sebastian let his breath tease the swollen head of Luke’s cock and smiled. “As for what I am doing? Whatever I please, semental. And you’ve no desire to stop me.”


His fingers bit into Luke’s thighs as he took his throbbing dick between his lips and arched his neck so the feverishly hot head hit the back of his throat.

“No!” Luke arched his back and groaned. “I should—”

“I will tell you what you should do.” Sebastian held Luke down as he teased the pulsing veins along his length with his tongue. “Don’t think about what is right or wrong. Feel what I am doing to you. You have no choice but to accept it.”

“I already have.” Luke tossed his head. His back bowed and he moaned as Sebastian sucked his length between his lips once again. “I had a choice though. And I made it.”

“Good.” Sebastian cupped Luke’s balls, enjoying the weight of them in his hand, all too aware of what it meant for Luke to allow him to handle the most vulnerable parts of him. Not only physically, but mentally. Emotionally. He fisted his hand around the base of Luke’s cock, increasing the pressure as he ran his tongue over the bead of precum at the tip. “I was willing to let you go, but not anymore.”

“Don’t ever make decisions like that for me again, Sebastian. God!” Luke let out a sound half between a roar and a scream, like an animal in exquisite pain. He came deep in Sebastian’s throat, trembling with each hot spurt. And then he went still and turned his head, staring at the wall. “Don’t fucking give up on me. I know I’ll give you plenty of reasons to, but just . . . just don’t, okay?”

Sebastian nodded slowly as he stretched out on the bed behind Luke, pulling him tight against his chest. He spoke softly, barely a whisper, his lips brushing against Luke’s throat. “I won’t give up on you. I will be here as long as you need me.”

Luke nodded and settled into his arms, likely exhausted from the game as well as what had taken place between them. Sebastian knew very well most of what he’d said came from a pleasure induced haze, but he wouldn’t worry about that now. He would hold on to tonight, and hope not too much changed in the morning. Or in the days to come.

Anything more was beyond his control.


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