“Let me just say this book was not what I expected…It just fell a bit flat for me.” ~Under the Covers

BELIEVE brings us to party girl Robin and her story.  How far she had to fall and build herself back up.  Let me just say this book was not what I expected.  From Robin and what she went through, through the hero and how different he was from my first impression.

I actually really liked Phoenix (the hero, yeah cool name, huh?).  He’s got the bad boy thing going, just got out of jail, not a penny in his pocket, no job.  But I swear after all those bad marks against him he’s a great guy!  I can see how easy it was for Robin to fall for him (or lean on him?) and at the end I do think he was the right kind of hero to help Robin through her issues.

Robin I wasn’t so crazy about.  She’s got issues with drinking, issues with having slept with her friends’ boyfriend during one of those drunken nights, and issues with her guilt.  I don’t mind that these issues were touched, just wasn’t a fan of Robin and her level of maturity.

I have enjoyed this series in the past for what it was.  Light entertainment, a few deeper issues, and some interesting but young characters.  I can’t say the same for BELIEVE.  Maybe it was just my disconnect with the heroine from the very beginning because of the string of bad decisions she’s made.  And maybe it was just the fact that I thought she was just seeking refuge in her relationship with Phoenix.  Not sure.  It just fell a bit flat for me, although it was still entertaining enough to read.

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  1. I read this one and I too didn’t get Robin. I couldn’t figure out so much about her and it affected how I felt about the relationship and the whole story really. It was nice to see what was going on with the other couples and getting time with a hero like Phoenix.

  2. Hmmm sad to hear this isn’t that great….erin mccarthy wrote one of my favorite books ..the pregnancy test

  3. I’ve only read the first book True, I will probably use the library for the rest of the books instead of buying.