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ARC Review: Be Mine Forever by Marina Adair
Be Mine Forever
Book Info

Released: January 21st 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: St. Helena Vineyard #4
Pages: 296


“Be Mine Forever is sweet, hilarious, heartwarming and most definitely romantic.  A perfect Valentine read.” ~ Under the Covers

I was kinda sad that the last Delucca brother was going to get snagged. I was hoping, in my little fantasy world that Trey would fall madly in love with me. But alas, he falls for St Helena’s dance instructor. Go figure!

As close as the Delucca siblings are, Trey is the most distant. Besides working his butt off, he cannot commit to anything else in his life. He does not have a permanent residence, he can’t commit to any girls and yes, he is the playboy of the siblings. But with Trey, what you see is what you get. He is hot, sexy and a straight up flirt. He will say, do and go for what he wants. That’s exactly what he did when he met Sara Reed, a widowed, single mom and St. Helena’s dance instructor. Right from the start, Trey knew he had finally found what can anchor him to settle down.

Sparks fly instantly, and let me tell you the convo between Trey and Sara was full of innuendos. They, meaning Trey, just flirted like there was no tomorrow. He was adorable! He had me feeling giddy and smiling like an idiot. I thought I was going to get lock jaw from grinning non-stop while reading this book.

Trey and Sara’s relationship was adult and I love that about this series. Not only that the book is adult in itself because, well, there are some sexy scenes but my point is that there is very little angst, the characters are never selfish and their decisions always include the people around them. Overall their courtship is what I love most. Yes, there was an actual courtship. There’s no insta-love here. Trey will actually work hard to get Sara’s attention. It was so cute.

Chichi and her band of friends are ever so present. What’s a small town romance without the gossips, meddling friends and family and most of all the embarrassing public moments that everyone remembers? This time though, Chichi manages to get a little of her story in this novel. It was sweet, heartwarming and too short but Ms. Adair was able to give her a bit of love story that was long overdue. Actually, it was her story that made me tear a time or two.

Cooper, Sara’s son had quite a spot light. I love that Ms. Adair brings not only a realistic single mother issues but what her child might go through. Cooper was super cute and he made me laugh. I adored the relationship that Trey built with him. Of course, the rest of the Deluccas made their cameo. Their support for Trey’s love life was just amazing but I’m sure their advice might have not been the same if they were single. Baby Sofie was even used quite a bit to woo Sara. Hilarious.

I can’t decide if this is the best book of the series because Ms. Adair might make a liar out of me and top this novel with the last Delucca sibling’s story. But, it sure feels like this is the best so far. Be Mine Forever is sweet, hilarious, heartwarming and most definitely romantic. A perfect Valentine read.

I hate to say this but the last of the series is up next. Abbey Deluca.

*ARC provided by publisher.

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About Marina Adair

Marina Adair is a National bestselling author of romance novels. Along with the St. Helena Vineyard series, she is also the author of Tucker's Crossing, part of the Sweet Plains series. She currently lives in a hundred-year-old log cabin, nestled in the majestic redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, with her husband and daughter.

As a writer, Marina is devoted to giving her readers contemporary romance where the towns are small, the personalities large, and the romance explosive.

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  1. If I didn’t already know I wanted to read this, your review clinched it! I need a happy book! Great review!

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