“I would recommend this book to paranormal romance fans who love motorcycle club stories and won’t be put off by some darker or taboo themes and elements.”

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I want to preface this review by stressing the need to check the trigger warnings before you start the book. If you’ve been keeping up with the series and the members of Torpedo Ink, you know that Torpedo Ink did not have happy childhoods and Savage is one of the most damaged. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should at least give you an idea of what you might be exposed to should you read the book. I also want to emphasize that all of the sex between the main characters is completely consensual – the majority of the horror and the torment that prompted the trigger warnings happened in their childhoods when the members of Torpedo Ink were stuck in the ‘school’ in Russia.

Savage is a tormented soul, resigned to a life of loneliness and protecting his Torpedo Ink brothers and sisters. He’s also one of the most violent members, but there is a reason for that that Ms. Feehan reveals during the book (this particular reveal was an ‘oh my god why didn’t I realize that sooner’ moment for me). Seychelle stumbles into Savage’s life unexpectedly and he’s shocked to realize that she helps quiet the darker thoughts in his head. They both do their best to stay away from each other, but they inevitably end up drawn together and have to work out how they fit in each other’s lives.

While reading, I was reminded of the saying “One day, someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together again.” This is certainly true for Savage and Seychelle’s relationship. Savage always knew it would take a special woman to love him and deal with his more taboo urges in the bedroom – his woman ends up being so much more than he ever expected or dreamed of. Don’t think this is a one-sided relationship though. Seychelle, with her psychic gifts and sheltered upbringing, can’t stop herself from trying to help others. Savage vows to be one to protect her and make sure she doesn’t go too far. I loved seeing how they each brought out different sides to each other. For example, Seychelle brought out a softer side of Savage that few had been treated to before. Savage brought out Seychelle’s confidence, allowing her to follow her calling and defend those she cares about. I can’t wait to see how much more their relationship develops in the second part of their story.

One of my favorite parts of the Torpedo Ink series is the paranormal aspect. The stories are grounded in a contemporary setting, but each club member has some type of gift or ability that is crucial to the club’s success. I also found it intriguing how each pairing tends to have very complementary abilities. I can’t really say much about Savage’s gift without spoiling a big part of the book, but I was shocked (in a good way) once it was revealed. I went back through some of the other books and it seems like Ms. Feehan has been dropping little hints and easter eggs about it for a while (so bravo to her for pulling off such an unexpected twist).

I would recommend this book to paranormal romance fans who love motorcycle club stories and won’t be put off by some darker or taboo themes and elements. The ending does leave a bit to be desired, but I think Ms. Feehan purposefully left some open threads to explore in the second part of Savage’s story, Savage Road (out in 2022). Overall, Christine Feehan remains one of my favorite paranormal romance authors and I’m excited to see which club member will find their person next (I’m betting on Preacher – fingers crossed).

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Human trafficking (victims, discussed), Rape (Victims, discussed), BDSM, Spanking, Pedophilia (Victims, Discussed), Torture (Flashbacks and Discussion), Child Abuse (Victims, Discussed)

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    1. Hi Sophia! Thank you so much for your kind words about the review. I definitely agree that Ms. Feehan carefully developed the book. I would also say the same for part two of Savage and Seychelle’s story, Savage Road (which just came out in January 2022).

  1. I love all of Christine feehan books, but I do have to say I love savage the most. His both books are really awesome and I would recommend it to anyone