“This book is definitely my favourite of the series.”
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This is the last book in the Regency Makeover trilogy and we finally get the back story and romance of Helene Fitzgerald, the driving force behind the group. Helene is notorious for two things, breaking her betrothal and being a blue stocking. But, like her friends she is determined to make this season a success, she has a plan and she needs the connections and popularity she gains to bring them to fruition. It was never in her plans to fall in love, especially not with her best friend’s brother, the very stern Duke of Windford.

After being so disappointed with the previous book in this series, I was a little wary of picking up The Exquisite Marriage; however, I shouldn’t have been. This book is definitely my favourite of the series and wrapped everything up very neatly. I believe I said in my review of the first book The Bride Behind the Curtain that the premise of this series very much reminded me of the Wallflowers series by Lisa Kleypas. I haven’t changed my mind, a group of friends, wallflowers, making a vow to help one another be a success sounds eerily similar. Been as this is a concept I enjoy I have quite liked the Regency Makeover books, though no where near as much as Wallflowers, and this book I would pick as my favourite of the series.

Helene has been the most outspoken or the group and has been planning and organising their season as if it were a military operation, I really enjoyed her strong personality, her dry sense of humour and how protective she is over those she loves. I really wanted her to find someone who would appreciate her intelligence and strong will, which is exactly what the Marcus, Duke of Windford admires about her. I enjoyed the growth of the romance between Helene and Marcus as each of them comes to appreciate the other, it’s almost like a friendship that grows in to more. It was also relatively drama free…of course until you get right to the end and some obstacles are thrown in, I almost wish they weren’t there as it seemed superfluous and I didn’t feel added much to the story.

Over all I have enjoyed this series, this book in particularly, it was an enjoyable historical romance series. I wouldn’t race off to read more books by Darcie Wilde, but I also wouldn’t hesitate to pick one up if it intrigued me as, although I did like this series, it didn’t rock my world.


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  1. I enjoyed your review and it as certainly raised my interest in reading this book. Darcie Wilde is rather new to me but I am determined to become familiar with her books.

    In talking about age, I have no problem with admitting that I am 70. I am very happy because I am retired and free to do what I want and what I want to do is read, write reviews, and spend lots of time playing with my kitties. There truly is nothing better than books and kitties!