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“America’s First Daughter was compelling in every way.”
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A hint of American Pride and Prejudice theme, a dash of history and pinch of romance, America’s First Daughter was compelling in every way.  Stephanie Dray and Laura Camoie tells the story of Thomas Jefferson’s eldest daughter from her teenage years to her adulthood.  It’s about time America learns  Martha “Patsy” Jefferson Randolph’s role in shaping the America as we know it today.  In my opinion, her political role from behind the scenes was awe inspiring.  

Patsy had the strength to be the daughter of a president.  She handled it like a pro.  Not only that she stood a good front in the public eye, she also took care of the household at a very young age.  She amazed me of how she handled and survived all the hardships she endured.  She had lost her mom, had to take care of her siblings, and run the household while her dad was gone weeks at a time.  She also went with him on his trips and later met the love of her life.  Unfortunately, her choice to marry another became her downfall.  She was also married to a pompous ass who had daddy issues.  I did not like her husband one bit.  He was the culprit of most of her hardships.  It was one bad luck after the next. It doesn’t help that she lived in a world without vaccinations, equal opportunity and where propriety and virtue trumped over what is right.  Makes me so glad I didn’t live in that era.  I wouldn’t have survived.

I’m going, to be honest, this book is not of my typical genre and the only reason I read it is because I have enjoyed Laura Kamoie’s work before.  I wasn’t disappointed. I was actually surprised that I couldn’t put it down.  I love that she and Stephanie Drey plugged in the Thomas Jefferson’s actual letters as a guide to the timeline of the story.  It also showed me as a reader what was going on politically which affected Patsy’s life a great deal.  I love the reminder of Jefferson’s history.

Though a big part of this book is fiction which the authors explained at the end, I’m happy to think that they came very close to the truth.  I’d like to believe William Short was truly there for Patsy to have given her an ounce of true happiness just for herself alone.


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