“…a lot of fun and packed with some action and adventure as well as lots of delicious sexy times. It’s a perfect mix. ”
~ Under the Covers

Being abducted from Earth wasn’t the worst thing that has happened to Mel. Her mother’s death and then her fiancee leaving her shortly afterwards gets that honour. Now, she is on a beautiful new planet after being rescued and working hard to make a new life for herself. Which, she hopes, may also involve romance. And she knows just the golden alien male she’s interested in, or rather the two males she can’t stop thinking about. But, despite telling her they don’t mind sharing she refuses to come between brothers…no matter how sexy that idea sounds.

Let’s start this review with my favourite quote from this book:

“Mire, I’ve been enjoying getting to know you and Gile both, but I’m not going to come between brothers,” she says, pushing ineffectually at my chest.

“If you do not wish to be between us we can keep things separate. First Gile, then me,” I tell her, running my fingers through her hair. “I, too, enjoy privacy at times.”

“Somehow I do not feel like we are having the same conversation,”

Much like the above quote, this book was funny and sexy. We have our human heroine Mel, who is a mother hen of the human women and is trying to make a place for herself in her new home. This includes a little romance, but when she realises both Gile and his brother Mire are interested in her and don’t mind sharing it takes her a little time to acclimatise to the idea of having them both.

I loved seeing the courtship with the brothers and Mel, it managed to be both funny and incredibly sweet as they both try and help each other get time with Mel. As for Mel, I found hesitation to dive into anything with both of them relatable, I think diving into an unusual (for a human woman!) relationship set up would definitely take a little thought beforehand.

Tracy Lauren is become one of my favourite sci fi romance authors. Her romances are always a lot of fun and packed with some action and adventure as well as lots of delicious sexy times. It’s a perfect mix.


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  1. I enjoyed Alien Instinct but Alien Bride’s was so disappointing, so bad, that I didn’t bother with the book three. But I really do like Gorrard so I may go back. I just wish I had skipped book 2 :-/