“A WEDDING FOR CHRISTMAS is full of holiday charm and sweet small town feels.”
~ Under the Covers

Last year around this time I read I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and it was the first time I had read this series.  In that book there was a house swap for the holiday season.  A city girl that wanted to go to a small town and enjoy the magic of Christmas there, and she swapped houses with a small town girl tired of her small town and wanting to see the big city lights.  This is the other side of that swap.  The small town girl going to the big city for the holidays, away from her family and trying to feel like someone else.

Quickly after it started I realized this was a trope I loved seeing.  The hero of this story and who the heroine runs into in the city is her brothers’ best friend and her lifelong crush, Ryder, who happens to be a sexy bodyguard after getting out of the military.  After one wild night together they go their separate ways until Ryder has to come back to Twilight due to his father’s health condition.  The magic of Twilight, at Christmas again, sweeps both of them up and has them facing their real wants out of life.  A simple life together in their small town.

A WEDDING FOR CHRISTMAS is full of holiday charm and sweet small town feels.  I’m always a sucker for two people that always wanted each other but never acted on it to get their HEA and it is especially sweet when the holidays and family are involved.




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  1. Great review! I am a longtime fan of Lori Wilde’s & have read a bunch of her books. Just picked this one up at Target! 😉