Go Hunt Me by Kelly deVos is a young adult thriller, perfect if you want a fast paced, nail biting read with plenty of plot twists to get into this spooky season!

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Go Hunt Me
by Kelly deVos

Released: June 14, 2022
304 Pages | ebook

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Go Hunt Me by Kelly deVos had me intrigued from page one and kept me on the edge of my seat until the final reveal.

All Alex and her close group of friends wanted to do was make movies. With college acceptance letters coming in for some, but not all, of them, Alex needed something special to get her into film school. So when the opportunity to film her Vlad Dracul inspired short film at Castle Prahova – one of Vlad the Impaler’s actual residences – comes up, Alex and her friends can’t pass up the chance of a lifetime. But once they get to Romania, the nightmarish scenes won’t only play out in front of the cameras. As their final spring break of high school turns into the final spring break most of them will ever have, Alex and her friends find themselves at the mercy of the shadows and secrets around them.


From characters, to setting, to overall plot construction, I was instantly pulled into Alex’s story. I was left reeling time after time as each revelation played out on the page. Kelly deVos certainly didn’t pull any punches. I was actually surprised at just how much happened on the page in terms of gore and description.

Characters and plot are the largest parts of what makes this book such a thrilling and exciting read. But deVos’s formatting also contributes greatly to the overall atmosphere. Cut in between the gruesome events at Castle Prahova, readers get these horror movie-style snippets of Alex’s police interview after everything is over. These little interview segments do such a wonderful job at furthering the plot as well as adding a heightened sense of danger to Alex’s narrative. From start to finish Go Hunt Me plays out on the page like a horror movie or thriller plays out on the screen.

The characters that deVos created were intriguing, suspicious, secretive, and naïve. The perfect cast of young adults to keep readers guessing as the plot progresses and the bad guy picks them off one by one. I think deVos did an excellent job at giving every single person at Prahova the motivation and means to commit these gruesome acts. By using a singular point of view, we end up with limited knowledge of the big picture until the end. I, for one, did not see the big reveal coming. Though I’m sure the more intuitive reader will spot clues I’m sure I missed.

in conclusion

From the very first scene to the big reveal, deVos gave readers some amazing settings that are anything but short on description. From backyards in Arizona to a haunting forest in Romania. Well-lit castle sitting rooms to the darkest and dankest of bathhouses. The details in every scene truly helped stage the terror and anguish and fear that the characters were feeling. deVos made it very easy to visualize being at Castle Prahova with these seven students, It made Go Hunt Me one chilling, young adult novel.

If you’re looking for some well-done, twisted horror that makes you question everything – including who the real monsters are – look no further than Kelly deVos’s Go Hunt Me.

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