Find out our thoughts about Dirty Lying Faeries by Sabrina Blackburry, a young adult fantasy perfect for Holly Black fans.

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Dirty Lying Faeries
by Sabrina Blackburry

Released: September 06, 2022
369 Pages | ebook

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fae | young adult fantasy | Fated Mates

“You’re entangled with a fae now, darling. Unspeakable things are what I excel at.”

Lovers of Holly Black will love Sabrina Blackburry’s Dirty Lying Faeries.

Thea attends an art gala with her best friend Candace as her designated driver. While perusing through the art, she meets Devin Grayson who gives her a tour of the gala and a life-changing kiss. Mistaken for the chosen changeling, Devin kisses Thea in order to start the process of changing from human to fae. Thea turns out to be more powerful than anyone could’ve imagined and she shakes up the fae courts and their secrets.

The changeling system is unique in Dirty Lying Faeries because adults are changed from human to fae instead of changing out humans for fae as young children. Thea is a great main character with the ability to think for herself, and question everything. Devin is sexy, brooding, and possessive.

in conclusion

This book has a good mix of romance, mystery, and fantasy. There is mild spice, fated mates, lots of secrets, and intrigue–definitely worth a read.

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