“…she knows exactly how to write a tale that’s exciting, sexy and delivers on a glorious HEA.”
~ Under the Covers

Gemma Townsend has learnt the hard way never to mix business and pleasure. It will leave you barely breathing in an icy cold river in Russia. But, it’s a lesson she may not have learned quite as well as she thought when she comes face to face with a ghost from her past. A ghost that seems to be doing his level best to destroy everyone she loves and everything she believes in.

I don’t read much steampunk, but every time I finish a novel in the genre I am left wondering why. I always enjoy them, but then again, that could be because most of the steampunk books I have read are by Bec McMaster and she knows exactly how to write a tale that’s exciting, sexy and delivers on a glorious HEA.

In You Only Love Twice we Gemma our heroine is the star of the show. She’s such a powerful character. So often we are used to men being the centre of the action, but Gemma is the most deadly member of the gang. I love the command she has over her body, both in combat where she is fast and strong, but also in the way she uses it to manipulate others to fulfill her own mission. She is unashamedly sexual and hot as hell.

Then we have Obisdian, who unlike Gemma has no sense of who he is and is constantly manipulated by the people around him. All he knows for sure is that Gemma is important and that no matter how much he is told to hate her…he just can’t. These two together were magnetic, even when they are enemies you can feel the sexual chemistry and the connection between them, when they are together they were electric.

As well as the romance though, we have the conspiracy plot driving the story forward. There are a few different threads that get fleshed out – like the Duke of Malloryn’s engagement – that have been mentioned previously but now are coming into play. It was an exciting story that had me eagerly turning the page.

If you haven’t read much steampunk before this series and her London Steampunk series (which preceded this series) is a great place to start. It’s a romance series in a  paranormal steampunk setting, so it will have the style and some of the tropes you love, but done in an exciting new way. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Bring on the next book!


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  1. I read book 1 in the London steampunk series and while I enjoyed it, it wasn’t enough to make me want to read the entire series. There were certain characters I definitely wanted to read more about but I didn’t want to read about the others inbetween.