“Sweet and simple, this storyline is different for Calmes but I still thing it’s a solid story.”
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Mary Calmes has released a new book called YOU NEVER KNOW and I jumped at the chance at reading it because Calmes is one of my autobuy authors. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into because I didn’t read the blurb beforehand. But I usually enjoy Calmes’ books so matter what genre she decides to write. YOU NEVER KNOW is no exception.

However, interestingly enough, I did notice some differences in this book to Calmes’ other books. For me, I noticed this most in the tone of the story. Calmes is an author who has a very distinct writing style and her protagonists are all very interesting. They jump off the page, just like Hagen and Mitch do, but this book definitely felt different. While there’s humor, it’s not a major standout in this book, which is a change from Calmes’ regular writing style. I felt like she was really trying to create a different, more lighter atmosphere with this book and the difference shows.

This book is all about a second chance love. Hagen and Mitch used to have a relationship a long time ago, but those feelings are once again brought to the surface when Mitch returns to their home town. There are other things that complicate this picture, but for the most part, it’s all about how neither one was able to get over each other.

Sweet and simple, this storyline is different for Calmes but I still thing it’s a solid story. The guy that Hagen is with before Mitch comes back into the pictures gets a lot of page time, which I actually didn’t mind because Ash was quite refreshing. I like that despite the fact that he was there was a fuck buddy for Hagen, he could still be there in a friendly capacity. I liked how it brought out Mitch’s possessive side and it actually turned into a really hot story.



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