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YES & I LOVE YOU is, hands down, one of my most anticipated books of 2021. I’ve loved every word I’ve read by Roni Loren for years.  She was a wonderful way of sweeping you off your feet and into the lives of these characters that truly come alive in these pages. And I’ve been waiting for this series to start now for some time. The expectations were certainly high, but nothing to fear here, Roni Loren always delivers.

Hollyn moved to New Orleans on her own to conquer the city and live out her dream. She writes a popular nightlife blog under an online persona. But she’s battling her own demons and those keep her quite isolated. Tourettes and social anxiety. She overcame bullying but she’s not ready to show her face in public and the online anonymity of her character is what has kept her working. Social interactions are at a minimum while she goes into her “office” in a coworking space.  Until there’s a new barista in the building and he’s determined to get under that harsh exterior.

Friendship plays such an important role in this story in terms of plot and character development. I loved seeing that especially through our heroines eyes. Her and Jasper are friends first and he challenges her to come out of her safe space. And there’s also the bond of female friendships with some of our side characters.

It explores some emotional issues and also has great character growth and development. I loved getting to know these characters and I’m also looking forward to explore more from the rest of the cast we were introduced to. While this book has less steam that I’m used to from Ms. Loren, when it comes to quantity it certainly delivers when it counts. I think that is because there’s a vibe of women’s fiction to this story. Yes, even though this is a contemporary romance and has an HEA.

This is the perfect book to sit outside and enjoy the nicer weather with. Such a sweet story with an endearing romance and lovable characters. It was just a breeze to read and I didn’t want to put it down.  I can’t wait for the next one!


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  1. Hollyn and Jasper sound like awesome characters and being set in New Orleans makes it a definite read for me.

  2. Just added this to my TBR thanks to your review. It sounds right up my alley and I love that it has some more challenging themes in it. Sometimes bloggers and digital content creators are viewed in a negative light in media, but this sounds like it would be a great, positive read!

    1. I can’t wait to see what you think. And that is exactly why I was so excited to see this series finally come out. The first book is a nightlife blogger and the second hosts a true crime podcast. The uglier side of blogging is usually what seems to be glamourized, but I really enjoyed seeing the more human side of it.