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“…we get a romance that seduces not only our bodies but our mind and emotions”
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There are a handful of new releases that every year, without reading the blurb or checking the title I know I absolutely need to read. The next instalment in the Psy Changeling or Psy Changeling Trinity series is one of those releases. I know that whatever Nalini Singh is planning to release I am going to want to read it. Which explains one of the reasons why I was so excited to get my hands on WOLF RAIN.

However, it wasn’t the only reason. We are back with the SnowDancer pack. It seems like such a long time since we have immersed ourselves in one of the original packs. When I checked the last book where either the hero or heroine were SnowDancer was TANGLE OF NEED in 2012. Seven years is too long to go without! And, just in case, like me, you are desperate for more DarkRiver cats, the last full length book with a DarkRiver hero or heroine was BRANDED BY FIRE back in 2009. A decade. I feel like I need to start a petition about this. Would you sign it?

But, back to WOLF RAIN! Alexei is a lieutenant in the SnowDancer pack, he’s a character that although I recognise I am not very familiar with him. By the end of the book though I was completely in love with him. Memory is an e-Psy who has been kept prisoner since she was a child by another Psy. Physically and mentally abused, he used her unique abilities to make himself a better murderer. When Alexei discovers and frees Memory from her prison he is immediately drawn to her fighting spirit. However, it isn’t just Alexei that is drawn to Memory. It could be that Memory’s unusual abilities contain the key to preventing the PsyNet from collapsing and killing the Psy race.

As usual with Singh, she combines a beautiful, emotionally rich and sensual romance with the progression of the overarching story regarding the Psy and shattering of Silence. It makes it a compelling read as you get drawn into the romance between Alexei and Memory. But it also keeps you turning the page as you have to know what’s about to happen next for the PsyNet. Although all the events in the book do seem very conveniently timed, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the book.

As usual Nalini Singh has written a fantastic read. With her, we get a romance that seduces not only our bodies but our mind and emotions as well. She is also constantly developing her plot and driving this forward; I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. I am hoping either DarkRiver or StoneWater!


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  1. I will sign that petition! However, I will still read everything she puts out in this series 🙂