“…these two are so cute together and this was just a simple and sweet story.”
~ Under the Covers

WILL NEVER FADE is a pretty short but very sweet second chance romance story.   Our heroine, Phoebe, is at a New Year’s Eve party with her co-worker and she’s wanted to introduce her to a hot guy she thinks she’ll click with.  Turns out it’s Garrett, her really good friend in college and the man she ran out on after they finally had sex one night after months of just friendship.  Some of the same obstacles that kept her away from him then are still haunting her now and she struggles to give him another shot.

I loved both characters.  Garrett was sweet and determined to sweep her off her feet.  He’s achieved all the career goals he set for himself back then when they were just two struggling students.  He’s successful and handsome.  And deep down he’s always known the connection he had with her was special and is not willing to let her walk away from him again without knowing why she keeps fighting them.  I loved that determination and the fact you could really tell he cared for her.  That’s not something so easy to do in such a short story and I believed every bit of it.  And I loved how clueless she was about the attraction Garrett felt.

Phoebe, my heart went out for her and what her struggle is.  But at times I had to question if her reasoning would be the same that I would go through in that situation.  Pushing people away and basically not fully living her life doesn’t seem like the answer for me and I definitely got a bit annoyed at times.  That might’ve taken a bit away from the story for me.

Nonetheless, these two are so cute together and this was just a simple and sweet story.




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  1. Read the whole series but didn’t know this was a novella til now! thanks for the heads up. Still unhappy with H. Bellus for failing to respond to my e-mail re her novella which was in the guise of a complete book…of which I had already purchased.! Now, I have two of them! 🙁