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Nevada Baylor has to make a hard choice, should she want to register her family as a House? Becoming a House will push her irreconcilably into a world of ruthless and deadly politics, but may save her from becoming a slave to others, especially her paternal grandmother’s, will. As she faces this decision, she also gets presented with a case, to find a missing husband. Only the woman asking is the daughter of a deceased enemy, an enemy she had a hand in killing. But, the more Nevada finds out, the more nothing is quite as it seems.

Once again Ilona Andrews confirms exactly why I adore her books, Wildfire had me clutching my kindle and unable to let it go from the very first page. This phenomena isn’t unusual with me and an Andrews book, you may have guessed from this review and all the others that I am a routing-through-their-rubbish kind of fan. So, to spice this review up I am going to break my adoration down into what it is that draws me into their books, and to this book in particular:


Any Fantasy (Urban or otherwise) has to build a good world. It’s got to be grounded in enough reality or sense so that you can believe it, but different enough from the normal world so that it sparks your imagination. In the Hidden Legacy series I believe that Andrews has achieved this balance. The world is close to our own, with the addition of having certain families that can wield different types of magic. Being able to wield magic then affects everything, the businesses they go into, the people they will marry and treatment by law enforcement. It’s fascinating and exciting and with each new book new nuances are added. It’s the perfect setting for the characters and stories Andrews has crafted.


Andrews has knack for creating characters I love. And not just the central characters (who we will get to) but also everyone surrounding them. Enemies, friends, family…even characters that make a brief appearance have more personality then some heroes and heroines I have read in other books. This all stems from reading this from Nevada, the heroine’s, POV, we see them through her eyes. We view her family through a lens of her love for them, we see the developing relationship between her and Rogan and everyone else through her observations. Luckily Nevada is pretty astute. Another element I love, Andrews’ writes a very human, but intelligent heroine and I can’t help but love hopping along for the ride.


This is the last book that has been contracted for this series, I really hope that they are offered more, because this series has such a great potential for more. But, if it doesn’t it has ended, although with one loose end untied and ready to be grabbed on to, at least satisfactory. Each book has had it’s own individual story running through it, but Wildfire pulls the overarching story line to a conclusion. And what an exciting, action packed conclusion it was!  There were monsters, car chases, bear soldiers and tanks, just to name a few.


I couldn’t do this review without mentioning the romance. Rogan and Nevada. Perfect for one another and their relationship continues to develop, they but heads, their is a great mixture or fireworks and sweet moments between them. Definitely enough to sooth the romance junkie in me.


Get it. Read it. Love it.



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  1. You have expressed exactly what I felt when I opened the first book I ever read of Ilona Andrews (Magic Bites). I knew I had found my UF author and that from then on any other author had a very high standard to meet. This series is just as amazing as the Kate Daniels books. Wildfire is on its way to my doorstep and I can’t wait.