“It’s so rare to find an anthology where you like every single story, and yet Singh has produced that rare gem with Wild Embrace.
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We have on our hands another anthology bursting full of Nalini Singh goodness, in the form of a collection of shorts set in her Psy Changeling world.

Echo’s of Silence

The first book in this anthology is a human-Psy pairing, which answered a lot of questions for me. Now, in previous books the Arrows mention Alaris the deep sea station and one of their own they have there and they hint that he has a partner and has broken Silence long before even Judd, from book #3, did. I always wondered who this guy was and who he had mated with. Now I know, and hopefully I am not the only one who was wondering.

On to the story itself, I thought I would be disappointed that there was no changeling in this book, but I wasn’t. I loved it, as always Singh has written a great little romance; sweet and sexy and I devoured this short in one sitting.


This is less a short story and more of snippet’s of Dorian’s life, from when he was a cub and trying to deal with his latency, to when he first managed his transformation in to a leopard. For any Dorian fans, like me, this is a great few pages to read and makes me want to go straight back to the beginning of the series and reread.

Partners in Persuasion

This one was my favourite of the anthology as it showed us something a little bit different. In this book we have a submissive male and dominant female pairing. Now, those of you who are thinking leather and leashes, put your restraints away. Felix is a submissive male in the SnowDancer pack, which basically means he isn’t a fighter and feels compelled to obey those more dominant than him. Desiree is a dominant female from the DarkRiver pack on the way to being a Sentinel. In most romance, especially shifter ones, it’s the male that’s more dominant and Singh has generally followed this trend, which is why I loved this book so much, it showed a different dynamic.

Much like other Singh books this was sexy, fun and romantic, Felix’s shyness was adorable and Desiree was a stronge female character who was just the woman to appreciate him.

Flirtation of Fate

And we come to the fourth and final book in this anthology, I’m kind of sad that it’s ending, I have enjoyed every one of the stories including this one. Flirtation of Fate is set with the SnowDancer wolves and is about two lieutenants, Garnet and Kenji. These two have a lot of history together and although you don’t really meet them until this anthology Singh does a fantastic job of filling you in in the short amount of page space available. You also can’t help but get drawn into the tension between them, it’s a mix of unfulfilled desire, anger and longing, it draws you in until you have to see what will happen next.

I feel like I’m repeating myself but…this story was sexy, romantic and full of Singh’s signature style, if you loved the other books in this anthology you will love this one.

It’s so rare to find an anthology where you like every single story, and yet Singh has produced that rare gem with Wild Embrace. If you already love the Psy Changeling series than this is a must read, if you haven’t read it, this gives you a nice taste of Nalini Singh’s style.



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